March 14, 2017

Inspire – In the midst of suffering

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These days, there is a pseudo christian belief that teaches people that if a person is good, commits no sin, then he prospers in life with all material and non material riches in the world. If he is lacking something, then it means that he has committed some sin and that’s why he is lacking. Pseudo religious teachers are able to inject this doctrine in unsuspecting uneducated/or stupid believers, make them feel always guilty about something and mint money.

Now, coming to the very fact of saying, would a righteous person not suffer? If this is true, then the most righteous people on earth are/were Bill Gates, Donald Trump, Steve Jobs and in our own South India, it is Jayalalitha and Karunanidhi.

Coming to the fact of people who suffered but still inspired.

  1. Fanny Crosby – Blind most of her life, has written more than 8000 christian songs.
  2. William Orcutt Cushing – Contributed all his life savings to a blind girl so that she received education, wrote 300+ christian hymns that are sung in churches even today and yet suffered paralysis.
  3. Horatio Spafford – Lost his 4 daughters on a voyage and wrote the song “It is well with my soul”.
  4. John Newton – Was abused, in depression, tried murdering and in slave trade .. contributed the song “Amazing Grace”.

In my examples above, I have given only people from one genre. People who suffered equally like you and me and yet gave something back to the society they came from and inspired/encouraged people.

But this doesn’t mean that only righteous people suffer. If you are someone who is chewing tobacco all life and getting cancer, then you cannot blame that you are suffering for something good that you did. To cut it short, keep your life simple. Treat your body well and don’t abuse it. Treat your relation ships well and don’t abuse or exploit people.

In spite of all the good that you do, if you still suffer, ponder in silence and do not give up. Check if there is some way to rectify the problem you are in. This didn’t happen to you because you sinned. No one in this world can claim that they are 100% perfect. So, if you still think that you might have sinned or did some harm to someone unknowingly, feel sorry and let it go. Probably this situation will make you tough so that you will contribute something back to the world.

Every one asks, Why Me? Seriously, Only you know why you? Because you endured and you will show the way out for people who go through similar situations. Be Brave ūüôā


March 10, 2017

Who is my neighbor? My Good Samaritan Story

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I used to be a bit curious when ever I saw pious Hindu men wearing saffron clothes and no slippers, wearing that chain and my friends used to tell me that they do all sort of penance and don’t eat non-vegetarian food or speak to women. Women are considered impure or tempting I guess. So, I was a little prejudiced when I saw those men and even when my friends’ fathers were on that routine, I used to hastily mind my own business or not talk to them. Also, there was this religious and fanatic group within my own religion that discouraged us and made us look at these people as insane guys who worship idols. So, though I had differing opinion, I at least had the sense to keep all this nonsense to myself. All this changed sometime back.

I was on an official travel to do a presentation. The day before was really hectic and I managed to do all my official and domestic chores and had travelled the entire night. I didn’t sleep much. The next day also was packed and I didn’t treat my body well. Meaning, that I didn’t feed it with food, water and rest when it was really needed. I was just running against time and then also, work was there. By night time I managed to wrap up and had to take a train back to my city. I hadn’t had any dinner and a migraine had formed in the base of my skull. Somehow I managed to reach the railway station and sat in the compartment. It was late.. almost 11 PM and my father in law came to station with idly. I really didn’t have the strength to eat anything but still since I saw him coming all the way from his home to station, I didn’t want to hurt him. I accepted it and he went home peacefully. Then, I tried having it and threw up badly. Migraine is worst if it comes during the night, and when it comes during travel. The aura, vomiting and head ache all added to my misery.

Thats’ when the gentleman sitting next to me took notice of me. He was a man in his sixties, wore saffron clothes, wasn’t wearing sandals also. He asked me whether I needed help and offered me water (it was Aquafina that he had got for himself). Even after I had it, he asked me to wash my face with it and said its ok, he will buy one more for him. Here, itself I was bowled over by the behavior of this stranger. Should I trust or not trust? Then, he spoke to the fellow travelers, switched off the lights and ensured that I go to sleep immediately. I had the feeling of my own father taking control of the situation. Since, I always travel with my medicine kit these days I took it and went to sleep.

The next day morning after my station came, he got up too and came along with me till the cab point. He waited till I got into the cab, asked me to take care and then left.

— I am revising my opinion of people and think that God can use any person of any religion, caste or creed if he wants to help someone. I saw God helping me through this wonderful person who is actually supposed to be chaste, not talking to ladies kind and mind their own business. What really made him help out a Christian lady who was vomiting? I think these days, people would rather close their noses and get out of the situation. He rather choose to be in the same situation and be a good Samaritan!!

In spite of all this, I didn’t know this wonderful person’s name other than the saffron symbol. May God Bless you Sir and do 100 times the good of what you did to me.

March 9, 2017

The feeling of supremacy!!

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I thought that this post would be about racism initially. But then, even racism is a feeling of being superior or showing one’s dominance to others that they are far better than anyone in the world. This ridiculous, absurd behavior usually arises when one sees someone doing a good job and they couldn’t handle the jealousy in them. They want some way to put down this other person doing a good job at something and hence the racist comments. It could be anything like below.

  1. Oh, so dark you are!! I feel like vomiting on you.
  2. I see that your other relatives are looking good. Probably something wrong in your genes.
  3. Is she a virgin? I think that girl might be a slut. Not marriage material. Or on other hand, Better check her out  yourself.
  4. You are so thin. I think something is wrong within you.
  5. If the person is good at house keeping ::: Do you know that she/he has a compulsive obsessive disorder in keeping the house clean?
  6. Or if the house is not very clean :: Yuck, she is good for nothing. I don’t even know how one can live in a messy house.
  7. Did you see this other lady wearing a bindi and makeup? Such sinners¬†they are.. O, I am so a pious one and don’t want to mingle with them.
  8. She is so fat.. I think she is a glutton.
  9. She is so so short. You know, one shouldn’t trust short people.
  10. He invited me for a party. I think they all booze and drunkards. Why would I go?

The above sentences are not fiction or that I have imagined.. Normal day to day words that one hears from fellow superior human beings who came straight from heaven and look like angelina jolie (minus that fact that even angelina had problems). If these people start having any problems, it is because of others evil eye. And if others have problems, its because they sinned.

Anyone reading this article, please keep this in mind.

  1. Just because someone says you are dark, please note that God gave you this color to protect you from skin cancer. The other person doesn’t have it and hence is prone to cancer. Anyway, after they die, they’ll not even have this skin they are boasting about.If you really like to have a clear and glowing skin, you can take some home remedies, but don’t strive for a white, pale, fair skin. Its not worth it. People who are condescending will be like that even after you become fair and will find another reason to put you down.
  2. Whether you are fat or thin or short or tall or in any shape, remember that you are a wonderfully unique person on earth. No other person has the same hand prints like you do and you have been put on earth for a very special reason. Without you, this world is a void.
  3. If you are jealous about a person, take some time to think of why they achieved that specific trait or what it is costing them to be at a place which others would dream of. Grass is always greener on the other side.¬†We all know that Neil Armstrong landed on the moon. But how many of us know that he lost a child to brain cancer? Maryln Monroe died in mysterious circumstances and many good looking actresses have committed suicide because they didn’t get love. ¬†Albert Einstein was autistic. Humans are nothing but a speck of dust living on a bubble. Don’t really wish to be on their shoes. It wasn’t easy for them either.
  4. If you want to put down your son or wife or daughter in law or a fellow colleague, think twice why you want to do that.Is it because you like being powerful and oh so dominant and get the adrenalin rush when you hit someone? Do you like when people cringe and feel humbled before you? Don’t ever play Satan¬†to someone as¬†what goes around comes around too.


March 8, 2017


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My first encounter with this word when I was a small child myself. I was in primary or middle school I think when another tall girl joined as a fellow student. She used to smile at us and that was it. Otherwise, I don’t remember much other than the fact she seemed slow and very different from us. I didn’t realize that she was a special child and like all other kids used to laugh. I feel ashamed at myself thinking about this now and at that time I didn’t know shit.

In my teens, I got to know about it again through a fellow believer’s son. This time also, though I had the maturity to be considerate, I didn’t realize the depth of this issue. His parents were so disciplined that this dear brother was almost independent of his daily activities and only had to be given food and comfort at the right time. He did have his low moments and aggression was noted but it was managed. Then also, I didn’t know the word autism. People thought and equated it to mental retardation or some possession of evil force. The ignorance that we could carry!!!

After almost 2 decades, I saw some semblance of it in a close relative’s baby. He wasn’t responding to my calls, wasn’t smiling and wasn’t doing what babies would do. I initially thought that he was so independent a baby or probably he was depressed. After lots of research, I landed on this word. And for me to figure it out and convince relatives that there is a problem, it was really quite a task and believe me, people thought that I was bad too. So, I thought that I will save someone going through similar trouble and put whatever I have found.

  1. Do you and your kid share ‘you both’ moments?
  2. When you share something with your kid, does he seem to understand it and respond with non-verbal or verbal communication?
  3. Does he respond to names?
  4. Does he make eye contact?
  5. Does he do any repetitive activity to soothe himself?
  6. Does he prefer to play with kids and engage in blabbering or pretend-play?

There are a lot of other questions I would like to ask but these are enough if your child is 18 months.. Press the panic button here and get advise from a health care provider. The sooner you get help for the baby, the better it is for him/her.

Last but not the least, if there is really an issue with this specially gifted baby, please remember that you are not at fault. Your spouse is not to be blamed. And if anyone is trying to blame you or your methods ask them to get lost !! Your baby is special!!

February 20, 2017

Time to be a bit more rude, Times of India?

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This is an article that came in today’s times of india paper.

It starts of saying that a minor was sexually assaulted and murdered. You would ask what is wrong in this title? If you say minor, the general tendency of people is to think that it is probably a girl less than 18 years old. But do you know that the baby¬†killed was a three year old? Do mere condolences from politicians be enough for these killings? How many more arrests are required before such incidents are prevented? Why aren’t you a bit more harsh and rude here, Times of India?

Would arrest and jail alone stop these gory acts? Or should we frame stricter laws to prevent such incidents from happening?

  1. Can the government block all porn sites?
  2. Can a stricter censorship be enforced for all movies, hoardings and tv channels?
  3. Can the imprisonment be increased to death penalty or life-term?
  4. Can the education system be improvised to consider more moral values and less victim shaming? Those male chauvinistic pigs who say that women are to be blamed, please tell me what did the 3 year old baby commit
  5. Last but not the least, can the parents of all babies panic and keep the child within their guard all the time? This is no safe place on earth. Even if we keep our guard, sometimes the baby’s own father or relative commits an assault.

How I wish girls are never born!! The so called superior gene will then realize!!





August 1, 2016

Play and Learn – Jayanagar

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This is a review that has been pending for months and I decided that I give justice to services rendered by Play and Learn, Jayanagar today.

Play and Learn center caters to babies, toddlers and small school going children between 6 months and 12 years. They have a day care and pre-school run by Charu, a very efficient administrator. I have enjoyed their day care services and this is a review post 3 years of experience.


  1. Availability – They release their holiday calendar well in advance so that one can plan their leaves and kids’ schedules accordingly. They open sharp at 8:30 AM and available till 7:00 PM. ¬†Most centers close at 6.00 PM and have many leaves too. In this area, Play and Learn scores 5/5.
  2. Dependability – Over the years, I have come to lean on the expertise of the Day Care administrator , Uma Mam and Owner, Charu Mam. Given a situation, they give us the best help that is possible in that circumstance. This of course, I think is because of their personal nature and not because a Day Care has to do it. There were days when I celebrated my son’s birthday in their premises along with his friends. On sick days, they give first aid and ensure that we get notified immediately.
  3. Logistics – This is a trouble for any professionally run service. Managing maids, teachers, security officer, food services is not a joke. Attrition, Managing emergency leaves, being available in-spite of rain etc all are difficult. In this aspect also, Play and Learn scores 5/5.
  4. Activities – Kids learn stories, dance, painting, science work and many more during the time they are in there.
  5. Food – This is also a good thing about Play and Learn. Food is served and they have a scheduled meal plan. Usually centers don’t offer. Those that offer, don’t accept food from outside. Here, Play and Learn is better.

Can Do Better:

  1. Cost – These services usually come at a cost. A medium range day care usually cost from 3500 – 4500 for 2 hours. But Play and Learn services charge 6000 for 2 hours. This is certainly one area where they can put a competitive pricing and attract more parents.
  2. New Services – They can provide more after-school care services like tuitions, karate classes, abacus etc. Here, they can charge accordingly. Potential is not being fully utilized though demand is there.

Over all if you see, only the cost factor is a deterrent and rest wise, it is a dependable day care run by efficient hands.






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