April 11, 2016

Will See You Again With Christ – Dear Aunt

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I met Pastor Aunty first when I was in my fifth grade. My parents had taken me and my brothers to this Pentecostal church which was actually a house kind of setup. The church was run by Pastor Wycliffe David and his supportive wife, Mrs. Margaret Wycliffe David.

I was born and brought up in a catholic family and was studying in a catholic school. Hence this church atmosphere, the way people worshipped God and the fact that I really saw demons coming out of people scared me very much. My parents liked the church very much and as kids we followed suit. Those were the days when money was hard for us. Still, my mother used to borrow money just to go to this church. We used to take a single route white board bus that comes once in a hour and travel to this place that took 1-2 hours. Depending on the crowd, sometimes we used to go standing too. That’s how our association with this church started and how we began to see the love of Christ in these people.

Sooner I realized that this church was more than the church that I was accustomed to. It was a fellow ship. A gathering of believers. On those days, church was very small and we used to sit on the floor mat while we prayed. Our knees used to touch the other person sitting next to us but physical discomfort didn’t seem to bother us. Aunty would sometimes serve us lunch, ‘Hot Sambar’ with potato curry. As a child, I loved her cooking. I have never ever told her that I loved her very much but I somehow liked this round faced, fair, smiling and forever loving aunt of mine. Some days, I used to stay back in the church and she showed me all their photographs taken in child hood. At their place, I was more of a daughter than a church believer. I guess almost every believer who went their place would have had this feeling. Uncle and Aunt ensured that love was in abundance. They had two lovely children who used to sit with us and have lunch. From then on, uncle and aunt were with me for my every mile stone. During my high school days when I used to have exam fear, during my puberty, when I accepted Jesus as my personal Savior, my college days, my illnesses, my marriage, my delivery, and so on. There were days when Uncle used to teach me academics also. They also used to chide me often saying that I don’t eat well as I was a skinny kid that time. In my eyes, they were the perfect couple. Even when anyone one in the church stumbled, they were there to protect us, cover us and at the same time correct us. Aunt used to keep on telling me to be smart and bold as she thought that will help me overcome my timidity.

Aunt first encountered Cancer when I had just finished college. Those were the start of trouble some years but she grace fully took it. Radiation, Surgery, Followed by Chemotherapy, it was an alien territory. She used to sport a wig that time and still be the loving aunt who used to pray for everyone. Lord helped her overcome it and soon she was again there for us, busy helping. Whenever I went there again, she will ask how I was doing and whether I had something to eat rather than saying about her issues. Few months back, I again heard that this deadly serpent had visited her. This time, it was vicious. Aunt still braved that many number of radiations and chemo therapy. There was not a single complaint from her about life except for the point that she would say that it is paining. She lost weight, shape and her bones wasted away and yet when I went to see her, she still asked ‘how I was and how I am managing life’. She finally crossed the Jordan and entered Glory this Friday. As I look back and see the painful journey she went through, I can confidently say that she has never once murmured against life or God. She was a doting mom and at times worried about their future alone.

For now, I think she is finally in peace and there is no pain any more. She is in a mansion built by God and when my time comes , I’ll go and see her too. This blog post is a big salute to the spot less bride of Christ who showed the love of Christ through the way she lived. Hopefully, I will try to model her!.

October 15, 2015

Dheva Kumara Ketkiradha

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This song is sung by Jolly Abraham. I don’t know the author actually but it seems like the author relived Jesus’s crucifixion and imagined that Jesus was looking at him alone the entire time he was on cross.

Devakumara ketkiradhaa?

en dhyana geetham ketkiradha?

imaigal thirandhu undhan kangal ennai mattum paatkiradha

ummai kaana vizhi kuduthaai

ummai paada mozhi kuduthaai

payanam poga vazhi koduthaai

paadhai engum oli koduthaai

Chorus ::

Ummai nenaithae urugi vitten

ennai umakkae koduthu vitten

umakkae ennan koduthu vitten

kanneer vellam varugiradhu, karthar paadham thodugiradhu

ennai pola aalayathil mezhuguvarthi azhukirathu

Translation in English :

Son of God, Can you hear?

Can you hear my song?

are you opening your eyelids and looking at me alone?

You gave me eyes to look at you

You gave me language to sing about you

You gave me path to travel

All along the way, My Light was also you..

I broke thinking about you,

I gave myself unto you and I

Give myself unto you.

My eyes are welling up with tears and touch your feet,

Like me, the candle I lighted in the church is also crying..

September 24, 2015

Tribute to the honorable men I have met

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Jesupatham Uncle

I first met him in 2004, when he rented his ground floor house to us. He was a simple looking man mostly dressed in white shirt and white dhoti and using a bicycle to commute. He used to take his cycle to his office, church and anywhere he went to. He didn’t own a mobile phone though he had bought one for his wife and both sons. Mind you, they are not poor or stingy people. I should say that he just didn’t feel like using all the latest gadgets. When he was free, I would mostly see him doing some work in the CSI Good Shepherd Church. Though I wasn’t a member of this church, I used to go often in the evenings when I come back from work. It was a routine for me after I get down from bus, I will go inside, talk to God for 15-20 minutes and then step out to go home. Most of the times, I will see him or the church attender. His wife is a nice person too, an aunt I will fondly remember. She used to grow nice flowering plants on the terrace. Whenever I went upstairs to their place, she would pluck roses and give it to me.

Though all of this would apply to any land lord or neighbor, one thing always made me smile. This uncle used to call his wife, “Paapa” (baby), yeah one of those pet names a husband would fondly call his wife. But most often you see this happening during the early years of marriage and a bed time routine. But this uncle will always address his wife as Paapa regardless if whoever is around. Both have two grown up sons (now married) and she was aging too. But the loving relationship they shared oblivious to their surroundings was beautiful. It was a good solid marriage.

I got to know he was suffering from cancer three months back. It came as a sudden shock. He wasn’t certainly the type who’ll get cancer. I mean, if he the one who bicycles a lot, doesn’t have flab, doesn’t have any bad habits or anything remote to have caused cancer, then who else can escape this dreaded disease? I had to travel to Chennai for a project meeting that day and I was determined to meet him same day too. Once I met him, I was shocked to see how fragile he had become. He was not able to talk and made signs to me asking whether I had breakfast and whether I am doing good. I almost broke down but kept my morale up hoping and praying to God that this shouldn’t be the last time I saw him.

That was the last time I saw him. I should say he was snatched away from near and dear ones by death!! But Uncle, you have certainly left behind a loving memory … and I would meet you on the other side of the river down the years along with our Lord.

Pastor Isaac

I am actually not sure why I clubbed these two persons together and certainly wish that this dear pastor is still alive and is passing his loving wishes to dear ones as usual. He used to be a pastor in CSI church and would frequent our home for prayers and fellow ship. He never forgot my birth days till I got married.. He would come, with the promises of God and would wish me early in the morning. He is one of those gentlemen who can make any trivial person feel so special in life.

Dear Pastor, my birth day has come once again and I am looking up to God in this heart less, meaning less world that is driven by power and is running behind money. Will you tell God that he shouldn’t leave my hand alone in this rat race but hold this trivial worm close to his heart? Ask him to make me strong so that I pass on the same love that you showered to me to people around me!!

September 15, 2015

Religious Beliefs and Fanatics

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One should read the above article even before reading my post here.. The words “Every time he would come to … me, he would pray” , this what made me write this article. I wonder what would have God thought while looking at the misery subjected to this little girl.

Fanatics are in every religion. Christianity, Muslims, Hindus.. At times, the religious sentiments get to an insane level that people forget they are human beings with flesh and behave like animals. I sincerely wish that help pours in for all the victims out there and help them get to a safer place.

July 9, 2015

Grace for the working mother and her guilt

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This is a very good article that will encourage mothers whose situations demand them to work for varying needs.

Lift up your eyes to the hills and hope on the one who understands you. Your situation could be anything, may be your family is struggling without the finances from you, or you are forced to work, or you are a widow/single mother. God understands your sweat and he will give your family solace.

January 29, 2015

Good Project Management

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Past three years, I have been closely working with management, saw managers come and go and learnt how to be and how not to be from them.

The Good Manager:

· He knows how to delegate work to you. And you look forward to working for him. Why?

· He helps out when you need help. He stands by your side at all times

· Plans, Tracks and Reports tasks effectively.

· Does not do micro management. Gives you space.

· Encourages you in even small achievements.

· Is the first to cheer, when you get credit.

· Cares about your work-life balance

· Ensures that you learn and provides you an opportunity where ever he can.

· Resolves Conflicts within team.

· Now, you know the reason, why you look forward to working for him.

The Bad Manager:

· He says that Project Management is all about delegation. As long as no one bothers, the task is forgotten.

· Even Project Management tasks are delegated. I wonder, why his salary didn’t get delegated though.

· Start of his conversation would be ‘I wouldn’t take much of your time as I don’t like my time being wasted’.

· If you receive credit, he checks with you on whether there was any hidden perk that you offered to higher-ups.

· Always says that you are a 8-5 person. Even when you work on Saturdays.

· Avoids Talking to Senior Management, customers about anything.

· Creates conflict between team members.

· Learning? What is it?

· Delegates, Discards, Dozes off.

I had both kinds and both have moved on. I wish to be like the former and hope that I don’t get to meet the latter in future.

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