July 9, 2015

Grace for the working mother and her guilt

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This is a very good article that will encourage mothers whose situations demand them to work for varying needs.

Lift up your eyes to the hills and hope on the one who understands you. Your situation could be anything, may be your family is struggling without the finances from you, or you are forced to work, or you are a widow/single mother. God understands your sweat and he will give your family solace.

January 29, 2015

Good Project Management

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Past three years, I have been closely working with management, saw managers come and go and learnt how to be and how not to be from them.

The Good Manager:

· He knows how to delegate work to you. And you look forward to working for him. Why?

· He helps out when you need help. He stands by your side at all times

· Plans, Tracks and Reports tasks effectively.

· Does not do micro management. Gives you space.

· Encourages you in even small achievements.

· Is the first to cheer, when you get credit.

· Cares about your work-life balance

· Ensures that you learn and provides you an opportunity where ever he can.

· Resolves Conflicts within team.

· Now, you know the reason, why you look forward to working for him.

The Bad Manager:

· He says that Project Management is all about delegation. As long as no one bothers, the task is forgotten.

· Even Project Management tasks are delegated. I wonder, why his salary didn’t get delegated though.

· Start of his conversation would be ‘I wouldn’t take much of your time as I don’t like my time being wasted’.

· If you receive credit, he checks with you on whether there was any hidden perk that you offered to higher-ups.

· Always says that you are a 8-5 person. Even when you work on Saturdays.

· Avoids Talking to Senior Management, customers about anything.

· Creates conflict between team members.

· Learning? What is it?

· Delegates, Discards, Dozes off.

I had both kinds and both have moved on. I wish to be like the former and hope that I don’t get to meet the latter in future.

December 31, 2014

Welcome 2015

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The ghost of your past
in his goodness now
His grace for the future.

December 30, 2014

Bye bye 2014

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It’s been a long time again. I thought that I will put a full stop to blogging. But the love for writing has won me over and has made me come back here.

This year, I got an opportunity to have many a smiles and face many challenges. Stumbling blocks were also there and at every failure , I had a
learning. Illness, surgery, trouble, blame, and financial turmoil. But God’s
grace carried me through.

Thank you God!! What will I be without you?

Lead me kindly light into the new year and never leave me alone!!

March 24, 2014

Sunday’s sermon

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Fix your Eyes on Jesus (Hebrew 12:2)When you see Jesus in your midst, mountains will be removed. When you fix your eyes on Jesus, nothing is impossible. 
1) We look at Christ by Faith. Peter declared by Faith that Jesus is the son of God.
2) We look at Christ by confession. Martha confessed that Jesus is the son of God. They saw a miracle. Their brother Lazarus was risen.  If we believe Jesus and confess, we will be saved (Rom 10:9,10).
Always look at Jesus. Peter looked at Jesus and walked in water. Stepping out of boat and stepping into water was an amazing act of faith by Peter. The moment he shifted his eyes away from Jesus, he started to sink. Lot’s wife looked at the world and she became pillar of salt. 
Look at Jesus at the cross and to the throne. Start your prayer by looking at the cross, his love for us. Move on to the throne and praise him. 
Declare that I am able to do all things through him who strengthens me (Phil 4:13)
Those who believe in Jesus can do greater things  (John 14:12)

November 29, 2013

Computer Screen UpSide Down

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What do you do when you are busy working and suddenly find your laptop/desktop screen in upside down mode?

It means that you accidently pressed the key combinations, CTRL+ALT+DOWN arrow keys. Try the CTRL+ALT+UP now. It should work.

Happened to me today!! Hope it saves some one’s time.

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