November 16, 2007

The keyboard command I didn’t know

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If I ask you which keyboard command you use the most, what will you say?




These days, I use the 3rd option a lot. Thanks to all those colleagues who keep me on my toes and don’t like me sitting in my place. If you are the kind that does CTRL+ALT+DEL very often, I thought I will save you some time. Try Windows + L. Just two keys and it works 🙂 Wah, why didn’t anyone tell this before? But I know only till that part. What to do to release the lock? I tried Windows + R and it doesn’t work.  Does anyone have any idea?


October 19, 2006

Would you like to contribute something?

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You: To whom?

Moi: To Yourself kiddo!!

You: Who is kidding whom? Why would I want to give to myself?

Moi: Coz, you can get it back 14 years later. I would store it in my time machine till then (not exactly, it is time capsule).

You: You are nuts!!!

Moi: Nah, check  this out and see for yourself.

September 20, 2006

The best transliteration service I have ever seen

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Have you ever tried quillpad?

July 28, 2006

Making Mod Rewrite and htaccess work on Mac OS x

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For those of you who have got a splitting headache trying to make htaccess work on MAC OS x, Relax. I had the same problem till yesterday till I found the silly culprit.

I hope you would have done the below elementary corrections on httpd.conf, but if you still haven’t, I would suggest that you follow the below instructions.

Search for the below text in httpd.conf file, and uncomment these three lines. (You would have to remove the # in front).

#LoadModule rewrite_module modules/
#AddModule mod_rewrite.c
#AccessFilename .htaccess

If you do not find the above lines, add it. Then, search for the text ‘AllowOverride’. Check whether it is set to None or All. If it is set to None, edit and set it to “All”.

Thats all you would have to do if you are working on a windows or a linux based server. Restart the apache server and have fun with Mod Rewrite.

Those working on Mac OS x, you would still need to do one final change.

Change to your /private/etc/httpd/users directory and you would see another conf file. If your username is ‘celia’, it would probably be named as ‘celia.conf’. If you would open the file, you would find that there is another ‘AllowOverride none’ settings there. Change it to ‘AllowOverride All’ and restart the apache webserver. Voila, you are done with the changes.

It seems that the apache that is shipped with MAC OS x does not allow htaccess by default. After doing the above changes, I was able to add mod rewrite rules. I was so overjoyed on the discovery that I thought that this deserved a post though it is a personal blog. Hope this helps someone.

If this still doesn’t help you, may be you can drop a comment here or search in forums. God Save You!!

For my neighbours: sorrry baaa.. romba manda kaanchitanaa.. adhu thaan matter solve aaana odana ore kushi aaayitu..

May 26, 2006

Your search ends here — Tezaa

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I know that I have been not so punctual these days in posting stuff. And if I can blame my eye problem partly, the rest of it goes to this prestigious website. It started very small, coz of a book. Yeah, a book, and you won't believe. The book's name is 'the wisdom of crowds'. It speaks about how the collective decision of common men is better than the decision of a single wise man.

One colleague, inspired by this book, asked us why there is no website which would help us in deciding stuff. We all said, "GOOGLE".. Yeah, Google is always there and it does help in someway. For example, my colleague is interested in buying a laptop. Lets take for granted that he has arranged for the money (banks these days are really good), but he still hasn't decided what to buy. He asks his friends, cousins and colleagues and each one tells him one website or ask him to do google search. After, so many searches, he zeros in on a brand.


March 26, 2006

Google Screws Up!

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To add to recently reported outages google has had some technical issues which would temporarily disable your accounts. It's been few days since the problem surfaced and here are the screen shots of the screens that you may see. One of them is deceptive.

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