February 27, 2006

Rang De Basanti

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When someone sees this, they’d first go and click on the close button of the browser. I know. Every other blog has now atleast one post boasting or commenting about Rang de basanti. But I promise, this is not going to be a review of how a british girl came to India and rekindled the passion of Indian youth..

This is the story of how an unsuspecting girl who wanted to see a hindi movie, was lured and deceived by a different story line.. Or perhaps, by Siddharth (mavanae, en kayile nee kedaicha!!!).


February 25, 2006

Would we ever realise?

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I was watching a TV program with mom when my aunt called up. She’s taking care of one of my cousins whose mother passed away at a very young age. Whenever aunt calls up, it would either be someone is sick or there is a recent gossip or this cousin is upto some mischief. And, what mischief did he commit this time? Hes going to cinema theatres daily. Well, for the viewers in here, my aunts family is kinda orthodox and looks down at people watching movies.

I fine tuned my ear so that I could eavesdrop on the conversation. I particularly wanted to know my mother’s view on this. What my mother said, was even more funny. She was like, “Even the kids these days are doing stuff what elders would do.. what can we advise teenage boys?.. Pasanga ellaaam pinchiliye pazhuthuu raanga

Aaan, now this is turning even more interesting. I knew exactly what my mother was hinting at when she said this. But it wouldn’t be clear to you at this stage. Let me explain.


February 24, 2006

Is your homepage immature?

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Found this interesting piece of information. Thought I would give a link to it here.


February 22, 2006

Chic-king or Chic-killing?

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Got one forward and couldn’t help laugh at it..

Chicken and eggs have been ruled out at home.. Anyways, I always wanted to be a vegetarian.. hope the change at home is permanent.

February 21, 2006

Do we have the right to know?

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Was reading sudhish kamath’s blog when I read about rang de basanti for the second time… Something prompted me to search for MIG CRASHES and I landed on this news site.

wonder whether we really have the right for correct information. IAF seems to be very sure about ITS judgement. Wonder what would happen, if the pilot comes back from dead to report an entirely different story.. 😦

February 19, 2006

am happy and blessed!! Can you say that?

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Happened to have very little time for myself that I could not spend time on my diary… Something happened during the week and I thought of blogging it. Searched for a suitable image on the net, found one and had kept Sunday as THE DAY to write the post…

But all that changed today,during the service. That post can wait.. I heard about one amazing person from the Pastor and would want to blog about her today.

Almost all christians would be familiar with the song, Blessed Assurance. Or I even guess that almost all who had studied in a convent would know this song.. Its one of the most often sung songs and most loved..

I had often got lost in the song’s depth and have wondered what soul could have written such a beautiful song… And I heard about her today..

Thats, Fanny J. Crosby, a teacher who had lost her sight when she was just six weeks old.
When the pastor said this, I was awestruck and when we sang, I started pondering and deciphering the words again looking for phrases in a new perception until we sang this line.

I in my Savior, am happy and blessed

What a wonderful testimony!! to be happy and content even in trying circumstances… I wish everyone would be like this (including me).. being happy at all situations and radiating happiness..

Three Cheers to you Lady!!!

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