March 6, 2008

After a hard day at work ..

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These days, its becoming so difficult to find real time for time pass. Friends have started asking me, “Girl, how do you manage to live without a tv?”. And I am replying, “How do you girls manage to watch tv with all the work?”. Whatever it is, it sure feels like Time is flying. As if this is not enough, the sweet Government now comes and asks us to work for 12 hours a day. And, companies are contemplating to introduce 9 hours first and then kill us little by little.

Dear Government, Do you know that an average bangalorean spends atleast 3 hours a day in traffic? Forget your white collar-ed MPs and mantris. They always travel by private jets or helicopters and put in an airport at a place so that people can shell out 200 bucks to just reach the local airport. So, if we put 12 hours at work, 3 hours in traffic and that leaves us with just 9 more hours. Let me say I put in 7 hours sleep. Does it mean that I get only two more hours for home(which includes cooking, cleaning, mopping and tending to people at home?). Then what about self? Holy moly!! I really think that P.C needs to have one screw tightened.

Anyway, after all the hard work at office, I thought I will make broccoli and baby corn rice. An one hour search in all kinda @fresh stores, didn’t get me that. Managed to salvage the recipe with humble beans. Thought I will post the recipe as well.


October 29, 2007

The yearning for good food..

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This is one problem that had me smitten ever since I got into the dreaded E-SLUM (read as BTM). With PG food creating havoc in my system and no other go than the ghee-dripping A2B (don’t ask me about my paunch now), I had to come up with an alternative solution. And that’s when I bought the electric cooker.


October 3, 2007

For want of a recipe!!

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1) 20 coconuts in hand

2) one couple

3) little time

4) a desire to make something out of these coconuts.

5) that something should be cherished by near and dear and should get over within a day.

When my friend came to me saying that she had got 20 coconuts from her maternal home and didn’t know what to do.. I suggested her coconut barfi first. But as we kept on speaking, we realised that she can do better.

Do you people know of any good finger licking recipes?

April 15, 2007

Tomato Chutney

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This is not the usual tomato chutney that we have with our chapati. My mom makes this for idlis and its scores over the infamous getti chutney.


March 18, 2007

Cabbage Thoran

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Tried out this simple side dish today!! The whole thing shouldn’t take more than 15 minutes and there aren’t many ways to spoil this one 🙂


Finely chopped cabbage – 2-3 cupfuls

curry leaves – handful

one big onion

one small onion (sambar vengayam)

coconut scrapped (handful)

2-3 green chillies (or 4 red chillies can be used)

1 tsp salt

1 tsp cumin seeds

2 cloves garlic

1 pinch of turmeric


1 tsp oil

1 tsp mustard seeds


1) Cook finely chopped cabbage, salt and curry leaves with enough water till dry. If you would want cabbage to get a yellowish tinge, add turmeric here. Otherwise, save it for the paste.

2) Grind the rest of the ingredients (except the big onion) coarsely and keep it aside.

3) Cut the big onion into slices.

4) In a cooking pan, season the oil with mustard and once the seeds start popping, add the onion slices. (Please cook in low-medium flame).

5) Once the onion turns golden, add the cooked cabbage to it and saute for a minute.

6) Add the paste and saute again.

Thats all! The dish is ready 🙂


1) If you are one of those types who thinks that curry leaves are just for garnishing, please do not add it to cabbage while cooking it. Instead grind the leaves together with the coconut paste.

2) For people who prefer red chillies, add two while seasoning and grind the other two.

November 11, 2006

Vengaya Sambar

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Being a tyro at cooking, I always had this apprehensiveness toward’s maami’s recipes. Most of the time, I will watch Thamu’s cooking or Tarla dalal’s book and do something.

Today I tried to break the ice and did the traditional vengaya sambar. My mom did congratulate me after tasting it. What more credits do I need?

Read on.


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