February 28, 2007

That six letter word!!

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Had been to my native town last week. Though a short trip, it was quite a revelation and taught several lessons to me. One single post won’t be able to cover it all. I plan to reveal one lesson at a time. Lets see.

Lesson #1:
Never tell your exact salary to anyone.
(Ofcourse, your immediate kin, insurance agent and future company are exempted).


February 17, 2007

5 things you don’t know about me.

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Idhu edhukku Rejan Nair kekuraanganu theriyala. Seri, naamalum solluvom. Kiruba annan alavukku illanaalum, edho padikira maadhiri irukkumnu nenaikiran. Here, are my five dimensions.

1) Very sensitive – Once my father raised his hand on me interrupting a mother-daugther clash. I cried and cried and cried and no one could stop that and finally fever had to come and knock me down. My father has been very cautious with me since then.

2) Find pleasure in simple things in life – Like, sitting on the terrace and watching cricket match that’s been played in the nearest ground; play around with my school going cousins and try to bandha adichify claiming to be a know-it-all; sit with my mom and neighbour aunties and kadhachify; greet friends by giving a tight slap on the back; watch serials mainly for the purpose of seeing matching accessories and so on..

3) Chinna chinna aasai – oonchal, malai adivaara veedu, friends oda carrom, annan thambiyoda evening noodles, rettai pillai, marudhaani, kuzhir kaalaa thookam, putham pudhu dress 🙂

4) Nasty – Never leave a posing model (in magazines) peaceful. Kannu vechu, kaadhu vechu thaan kettu irupeenga; I can draw eyelashes, change costume, cast nayanthara as imsai arasan or vadivelu as chandra mukhi. An A4 size paper left accidentally on my table can become a state-of-the art piece few moments later.

5) Kiruba style la ennala yosika mudinchadhu idhu mattum dhaan – enga office toilet kazhuvi irukken paa naan!!

February 1, 2007

A short break..

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This blog is having a holiday!!

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