October 29, 2007

The yearning for good food..

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This is one problem that had me smitten ever since I got into the dreaded E-SLUM (read as BTM). With PG food creating havoc in my system and no other go than the ghee-dripping A2B (don’t ask me about my paunch now), I had to come up with an alternative solution. And that’s when I bought the electric cooker.



October 19, 2007


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Nandhavana karayil

nattu vaitha chediyil

mottu vitta mudhar poovaai

yaar parithaar?

October 10, 2007


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There is this girl who has joined our PG and become quite close to almost all of us. Since most of us are tamils and she a telugu, she was trying to get very friendly. Occasional hair pulling (literally :)), pinching (chellamaa thaan) and sometimes trying to interpret the language we speak.

At office too, she got into trouble with a tamil guy and wanted help coz of that. Thats when she came to me.

She: Hey, I need a word from tamil.

Me: Why yaar?

She: No, I need to know that. This guy told me that.

Me: Ok. Let me see. Do you remember the word?

She: No, but I asked him what it means.. He said it means “You deserve it”.

Me: In what context 😉

She: Really!!! Don’t pull my legs now.. YEah, I got one more point.. That word… hmm.. I guess it is “Thiruvaiyaaru”.

ME: What??

She: YEah.. What does it mean?

ME: Its a place!!

She: Uh Oh!! I think then then word rhymes with that.. Do you know what it is?

Me: !!!!

She: Go yaar! You don’t know tamil only…

October 3, 2007

For want of a recipe!!

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1) 20 coconuts in hand

2) one couple

3) little time

4) a desire to make something out of these coconuts.

5) that something should be cherished by near and dear and should get over within a day.

When my friend came to me saying that she had got 20 coconuts from her maternal home and didn’t know what to do.. I suggested her coconut barfi first. But as we kept on speaking, we realised that she can do better.

Do you people know of any good finger licking recipes?

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