January 29, 2015

Good Project Management

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Past three years, I have been closely working with management, saw managers come and go and learnt how to be and how not to be from them.

The Good Manager:

· He knows how to delegate work to you. And you look forward to working for him. Why?

· He helps out when you need help. He stands by your side at all times

· Plans, Tracks and Reports tasks effectively.

· Does not do micro management. Gives you space.

· Encourages you in even small achievements.

· Is the first to cheer, when you get credit.

· Cares about your work-life balance

· Ensures that you learn and provides you an opportunity where ever he can.

· Resolves Conflicts within team.

· Now, you know the reason, why you look forward to working for him.

The Bad Manager:

· He says that Project Management is all about delegation. As long as no one bothers, the task is forgotten.

· Even Project Management tasks are delegated. I wonder, why his salary didn’t get delegated though.

· Start of his conversation would be ‘I wouldn’t take much of your time as I don’t like my time being wasted’.

· If you receive credit, he checks with you on whether there was any hidden perk that you offered to higher-ups.

· Always says that you are a 8-5 person. Even when you work on Saturdays.

· Avoids Talking to Senior Management, customers about anything.

· Creates conflict between team members.

· Learning? What is it?

· Delegates, Discards, Dozes off.

I had both kinds and both have moved on. I wish to be like the former and hope that I don’t get to meet the latter in future.


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