June 26, 2013

On top but still on ground

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Every now and then I attend a few sessions taken by leadership in my company.

While all sessions are informative, the open session time is a little bit tricky. The attendees know the right questions to ask but don’t ask them may be because they know that the answer will be evasive, diplomatic and some times in a manner that will shut them up.

But this week, I attended one such open session where multiple people gave their updates and at last this gentle man spoke.

I should say that I was immediately impressed by his manner, the way he was able to relate and express things while not messing up the truth. He answered every question patiently, even took notes of those questions and said that he will connect later with those people and help them out. Not sure whether people will get help but the mere gesture was so kind.

Hope you are the way I think you are


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