April 30, 2006

An adventure in kitchen!!

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Finally yielded to mom's desire that its hightime that I started cooking.. Okay.. but for this, I needed to get rid of my mom's presence as she keeps instructing what to do and what not to… till I get to the point of becoming mad..

So I asked her to go enjoy while I take control of the entire kitchen.. and wow.. though it was a simple meal, it indeed was appreciated by all.

1) Rice
2) Potato Podimaas (Spicy Potatoes)
3) Vendaikaai kuzhambu (Lady's finger gravy)
4) Buttermilk
5) pickle

Okay, okay.. I know that 1), 4) and 5) are nothing.. But it does take some effort in preparing the 2) and 3).. right? It came out well, and here I go sharing out my maiden recipe.



April 29, 2006

Cant forget this friday!!

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Got a new ipod nano as a gift from my boss.. hadn't expected that at all … and I first couldn't believe my eyes!! and I should say that its love at first sight 🙂 Thanks yaar..

One of my friends was suffering from sleep apnoea and had to be operated this thursday and we all went to see him last night. Though he was in pain, he was as curious as a child about the entire experience.. Being a great fan of Steve Waugh, he had followed his hero's way. It seems that Steve Waugh would photograph himself, the events that are happening around him, and the entire life that affects him. So once, during a match, there was a accident when Gillespie's knee hit Steve's nose.. It was a terrible one and as Steve went to his room, he asked one of the fellows to click him..

So our hero, too decided to try the same and clicked himself and noted down all the events in his cell phone till the anaesthologist knocked him off. He showed us the photographs of both himself and Steve's.. I should say that I was amazed at his ability to detach himself from the pain and the attempt to make it into a lively experience…

We had quite some goods to carry and he offered to carry them to the car .. we couldn't help laugh then.. enga poruppu chellame!! get well soon!! we are already missing you at office!! 🙂

April 23, 2006

My First Experience!!

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My friend has got a new TvS Apache bike.. and he showed it to me with all new enthusiasm. "Doesn't it look like a battle horse?", he exclaimed and his face glowed when he said that. "But I don't understand one thing", I replied. "Why have they raised the pillion rider's seat to this level? It would look very funny if I sit on it now.""Ha ha!! who said that I will let YOU to sit on it? I have bought this one for the very same reason.. I won't let anyone sit on the back seat..". I grinned.. Lets see buddy!! I wonder what will you do when you get married…


April 21, 2006

We need Justice!!

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Got up to check in mails when fellow blogger Sujit buzzed me and told me about what happened in Armenia and to friend blogger Nanyaar. I haven’t spoken to Nanyaar yet, but the news I heard from Sujit, and those I read from Kiruba and Krikorian did enough to make my young blood boil.

Keep checking out for Nanyaar‘s blog for eyewitness report. Also, if any of you could give an idea on how to approach the Indian Government here, so that we can voice our protest against racism and the Armenian college dean, it would be really nice.

As for that unfortunate Indian Student, I express my deepest condolences and wish that Justice be served as quickly as possible.

April 18, 2006

Sons and Daughters!!!

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Few months back….

We were laughing over a particular blogger’s attitude.. Usually his blog speaks about “I” and “I” only. But on that day, for a change, that guy had blogged about one of his daughters. Seeing that, my colleague suddenly said..

C1: This guy has two daughters.
C2: Yeah, And he deserves it..

Last Saturday….

Mom: They are going to admit Veni’s sister in law in the hospital.
Me: When are they going to do the operation?
Mom: Perhaps, tomorrow.. This time they are praying for a male child. Whether its male or not, they’ll do family planning operation also this time.
Me: Oh!!


April 14, 2006


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Its Good friday.. and it was observed as solemnly as ever in my close circles.. Songs, prayers and messages about the calvary love… It was wonderful. I thought of blogging one of my favorite songs here. (I have tried the english translation too). People who find mistakes, please help me correct it.


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