November 20, 2012

CDA dress

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I never knew that kids can be very particular about what they wear till I saw my son’s dress habits.
We both have the habit of watching animation movies together and one much liked movie is ‘Monsters inc’. In that movie, my son likes the cda characters very much because of their apparent authority. While watching the movie one day, he asked me whether he can get a similar dress. Sure, why not? I said. I took a dress which had some letters and badge on it and told him that this is the cda dress. He was very happy and exhibited his new wear to all near and dear.
I expected the same and was happy too. But what I didn’t expect was that he wanted to wear the same dress every day and didn’t want to remove it!!!
Now, I will have to come up with another plan and give may be a kunfu panda dress 😉 pretty bad that alex or marty don’t wear anything.


November 8, 2012

a phrase i liked

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You don’t need someone to complete you. You only need someone to accept you as you are.

Don’t know why but my eyes were filled with tears when I saw this. I think the only person who accepts me the way I am is my lord. Wish my day comes soon.

November 7, 2012


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My son understands when two different words mean the same thing. For example, banana and pazham. He knows that both refer to the same object. But he seems to be confused when a word with similar sound is interpreted differently in different languages. Yesterday’s dialogue started on a different note and ended up with an observation.

Me: inniku school epaddi irundhudhu ma?
Son: nallaa irundhudhu
Me: mam enna sonnaanga ?
Son: good morning sonnanga.
Me: nee enna sonna?
Son: naan good morning sonnen
Me: little lamb enna sonnaan? (His friend)
Son: hai sonnnan
Me: nee enna sonna
Son: bathroomla sonnan
(Didn’t understand)
Me: sari, sheena enna sonnaa?
Son: hai sonnaa
Me: nee enna sonna?
Son: chee naathaam sonnen.

I started laughing at his choice of words and then realized that it could offend him. Then I told him that hi is a greeting like hello. That it is different from a word he knows.

November 5, 2012

each moment is a passing cloud

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I like people who work with a Passion and delight in their work. These people have a tendency to get involved in whatever they do and pull others also into their work life. One such person is chef jacob.
I used to watch all his programs.and loved his style of teaching recipes. Never imagined that he would pass away at such a young age.
Rest in peace dear chef!

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