November 23, 2007

Ada de!

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Indha moviesle irundhu dialogue copy adikiradhu namma tamil makkalkku kai vandha kalai 😉 “Enna kodumai idhu saravana” la arambichu, “Saroja, Saamaan nikalo” varaikkum niraya peru neraya solli kettu irukken.  Nethu en roomie onnu pudhusa kandupidicha.. Adhai ellarukkum KT (knowledge transfer) pannalaamnu thaan indha post.

Matter enna na, morning timela, enga room tubelight ON aagurathukku 1 hour yosikuum. Adhuvum, geyser ON pannitomnaa, kekkavae vendaam. Oruthi veruthu poi, “Whats this yaar, this tubelight is one waste lightnnu” solla, en roomie adhai paathu.

“Oru tubelight ae, innoru tubelight ai vimarsikiradhe”, Adade! (acharya kuri) nnu solla, naanga ellaam ROTFL pannom. Movie edhula irundhunu purinchudha?


November 16, 2007

The keyboard command I didn’t know

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If I ask you which keyboard command you use the most, what will you say?




These days, I use the 3rd option a lot. Thanks to all those colleagues who keep me on my toes and don’t like me sitting in my place. If you are the kind that does CTRL+ALT+DEL very often, I thought I will save you some time. Try Windows + L. Just two keys and it works 🙂 Wah, why didn’t anyone tell this before? But I know only till that part. What to do to release the lock? I tried Windows + R and it doesn’t work.  Does anyone have any idea?

November 13, 2007

House hunting!!!

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Mission: House for rent (1 or 2 bhk with say 500-750sq feet) somewhere between Ulsoor and Silk Board in Bangalore.


50k advance

6k rent

one nice sweet couple
Reference Material:

Friends, Office Bulletin board as of now. Have planned to include blogger friends in this list too. Anyone willing to help out?

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