February 1, 2013

Work can be joy

Filed under: Life as I know it — Celia Rexselin @ 4:40 pm

Was on my way to home on the taramani link road. The government is trying to widen this road and work is happening at great grandpa snails pace. I was looking at the work when I observed a lot of debris and mud in one corner. There was a debris remover crane right there and a guy in 20s was in the driver seat busy removing the debris.

He was the only one in the middle of the debris and while he was clearing it up, I noticed that he also had his ear phones on. He was singing and making dance movements all the while oblivious to the surroundings.

I watched him for sometime and turned my attention inside the bus and looked at the zombie seated next to me who had buried her head inside her laptop.

I think we people need to learn something from that guy.


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