June 20, 2007

Meet me tonight in the moonlight

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Was listening to some good old songs while one particular song caught my attention. The song, an almost-duet of MGR-Saroja Devi, had peculiar lyrics.. I have never heard english lyrics in a tamil song.. That too, in a film possibly released in 60s or 70s.. After the interlude, the la-la group (khosti) start singing “Once a papa met a mama” kind of rhyme..  I dont know how many would have guessed this song by now.. Paapom, yaaru correctaa guess pannaraanu.

This song reminded me of one ghana song taught to us (hostellers) by a fellow wing-mate (Enga hostelaa oru rowla irukura rooms ellaam, wing-nnu solvom). Her father is an arts college professor and had taught her this song. I guess he must have possibly learnt it from his students!! Enna oru knowledge transfer!!  (read it like enna oru kodumai saravana.. 😉 ) The song had a mixture of all engliphish, madras tamil and complex mathematical calculations.. Here it is for you.



June 16, 2007

Does this look very childish?

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Nah, I am not planning a summer shake.. and I don’t want an anime female character looking at you everytime you visit my blog. I was just plain bored with what I have and was trying out all possible combinations…

Don’t get me? You would have understood if you had visited my blog in the past two days. I tried a flower based theme, a banana smoothie and even a japanese kaara ponnu. None of them satisfied my craving for a new blog theme. This is one main reason why I hate wordpress. Look at blogspot, just see what freedom they give to the bloggers, I can just edit the whole html template. Aan, they don’t have categories.. Agreed!! But I need both.. What to do? Is there a way to have the cake and eat it too?

Anyway, How do you like this theme? The header part alone is my idea :D.. Just searched for a kitty and pen, created a new image and copied and pasted in respective places.. Initially I thought that I will have the pen stand straight in place of the letter “l”.. but, I couldn’t really rotate this pen to a desired angle.. Any ideas? Or.. Does this header sucks?

June 6, 2007

Moonu ela vidala …

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I know that I have not been updating this blog as regularly as before.. Work has finally caught me up and am not getting as much free time 😦 .. Hope to get more time in the future-!!

Last weekend, I had to leave town due to personal reasons and was traveling in an express. Our compartment had a young father, his 2-3 yr. old kid and a couple (probably college students) besides us. Though we didn’t interact much, the kid did light up the whole scene with its innocent talk. Before I get into what actually happened, I think I will need to give a small description about each of these people so that you are better acquainted.

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