August 28, 2006

Man’s ultimate goal ..

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Saw this status message in one of my friends profile.

Man’s ultimate goal is creation, procreation !!

Comments please 😀


August 27, 2006

A short story..

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Few days back ..

Had a dream few days back. I saw a cottagehouse in a lush garden. I saw myself in there, lying on the grass and playing with a small kid (around 1-1 1/2 years old). It was beautiful, with its soft skin. It was sitting on my tummy and was trying to pull my hair. It had curly hair and while it was playing with me, its hair kept falling on my tummy tickling me.

Moments later, I saw myself being taken away from the kid, and the kid is left alone. A smoker comes along and tries to bully the kid. I was not able to do anything though I could see everything. Then, a van came along that way. It tried to kill the kid, and the kid started crying and I tried running towards the kid to save it. Then I woke up.


August 24, 2006

Where did you go?

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Tried a small poem.

உன் சிரிப்பில் மத்தாப்பு பூக்க
உன் ச்பரிசம் என் சுவாசத்தை தாக்க
என் நாளத்தில் உன் ரத்தம் ஏற
நீ என்னில் கலந்தது ஏன்?

என் ஆசைகள் பூவாய் உதிர
மனதினில் புயல்கள் தாக்க
நினைவினில் சோகம் இறங்க
நீ இன்று மறைந்தது ஏன்?

August 23, 2006

So many classifications..

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Was seeing a mamooty film which led to an interesting turn out of events.

The story is this:

The heroine (don’t know her name) is from a rich iyer family and is engaged to the collector of the town. Mamooty is christian and of a relatively lower caste. It so happens that he saves the heroine when she slips into the river. Because of this, the collector refuses to marry her since she was ‘touched’ by a lower caste fellow.

The heroine’s family starts hating her and suspects that she might have a love affair with Mamooty.. and because of this, the two start loving each other and blah blah.. incidents follow..


August 22, 2006

Did you know that today is Madras Day?

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Ennake nethu vara theriyaadhu. Oru friend sonnadhukappuram thaan theriya vandhudhu. Check out this link

Romba Nalla, Chennai pathii ezhudhi irukaanga. I dunno why, but I like to call it as Madras more than Chennai. May be coz, I grew up knowing it as Madras.

Seri, what do you like in Chennai the most? Sollunga paapom!!

August 16, 2006

Isn’t Learning a Joy?

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Today, I learnt two different things which I would want to share it with you. Well, these two things are two poles apart that you would even classify me as the weirdest thing in the world. But I did learn it.


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