January 20, 2007

The forbidden nature

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One of my friends told me about a song from the film Uzhavan (Prabhu and Banupriya starrer) and told me that the song is melodious and mindblowing.


I got interested and requested the song and lyrics from him. I was thinking that it might be a duet song. Here it is.




October 26, 2006

Guys talk huh?

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Our college has a group and we occasionally send group mails to everyone and use that for chatting or pulling each ones legs. These days, I had got really busy (Yes!!) and was not able to follow up on the conversations.

When I finally managed to look into the conversations, this is what I found. A group of guys are talking about some issue which God!!! only will understand.


August 7, 2006

Love is a wonderful thing

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August 7th is a special day in my life. This was the official day when I took the first communion when I was just 7 years old.. Every year, when this day comes, I think of that day, how happy I was and remember that song. Yeah, I will tell about the song too.. But I need to tell about a wonderful person who explained me the sacrament in few sentences.


May 17, 2006

About a woman

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Am back 🙂 and all set..  

learnt a lot in these few days.. and am trying to reorganize my daily life… in an attempt to make it better.. (well, atleast for the eyes)

a seed got planted in my heart while I was away. And I have started it right away. Its a new blog, and well, it handles a specific issue.. I am not sure how the reception would be or whether you would like it but I had wanted to know about such a site for quite a long time and since I couldn't find one, am starting it.

As an introduction, the blog will speak about women in a biblical angle. Women, their role in the past, what they did and what they need to do. And for the menfolks, it can be an eye opener as in..  knowing .. women, their character, how to grow a daughter and how to treat a wife and likewise.. It would have my comments as well but the comments are just my views about the history and shouldn't be taken as a direct interpretation of the bible.

You can see it here

February 2, 2006

My obsession for Royal hood!!

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was talking to a friend of mine when he commented something like “am more cool” these days. He was saying that I used to be very reserved and reply in one word whenever he wanted to speak to me. He had thought that I was being shy(LOL).

And then, I said that it was never the case and I just take my own sweet time to get comfortable with people.. Usually, people would have to beg asking me to speak.. And once am comfortable and start speaking, they would beg asking me to stop speaking 😉

Anyways, as am writing this now, I think that its not always the case. I feel easily comfortable with girls/guys of my age and with younger ones. But when it comes to older ones, I tend to study a lot.. I think that when one is not used to a different kind of crowd, it takes a little longer to settle in. This reminds me of an incident too.

And So, we lived in a Quarters during our child hood and the entire neighbourhood was filled with children. In our apartment, we had two major gangs. The royal 4 and the little 5. Well, little 5 is somewhat odd because it included me too. I was in my 4th grade then and the rest included Amudha in her IInd grade, Shiny and Eddy in I std and aishwarya in LKG. Royal 4 included my elder brother who was then in his 7th, latha and ramesh in their 8th and Raji in her 5th standard.

I always tried to upgrade to the Royal 4 but was often refused saying that I was still a baby. But then, whenever I got a chance to be just in their company, I would try to behave as though am a grown up. And this brought me great respect in my little 5 gang. I would tell them .. admiring stories about the Royal 4 and what they do daily and how they beat the bad boys (supposedly from the apartment next to us).

And once, I got an opportunity to get included with Royal 5. Well, I didn’t know that I was being made a scape goat. They were playing a card game (Ass or A-spade) and wanted one more hand. I offered to help in but said that somebody should teach me the game. Ramesh anna offered to help in but I refused and went and sat near my brother. At the end of few more rounds, my brother and his set of friends fooled me and I ended up getting all the 4 A’s and 4 Kings. There was no way I could win. Seeing that I was cheated.. I started crying. Ramesh anna again offered to console and this time, I had no other go. I thought of giving him a chance and see whether my fate changes… It did.. In one round, he helped me get rid of all the A’s and came out as a clear winner..

And from then on, he was my role model for sometime.. And I made sure that I never played with my brother’s friends again. My obsession ended that day.

(P.S: Now, this equation is not true any more.. all are professionals (one CA, two Masters in Engineering and one MBA) and working in mnc’s and are such a sweet hearts to move with).

January 13, 2006

The tale of a sister and her brother!!

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They were the best of friends at times, worst of enemies some other times. Many a times, she has enjoyed petting him and he would love to rest his head on her lap. Together they would sing, eat from the same pot, fight for the bathroom and sometimes, wink at each other when they see flirting members of the other sex.

And it all came to an end, when she got married. He didn’t think so however. The bridegroom was good. He might even go far as saying that he was an okay person for his adorable sister. Being the brother, he loved to put the gold chain on his brother-in-law’s neck.. He loved all the snaps that he took of both of them. He was proud when all his college friends came and took photo with his sister. “My lovely sister!!!”, pride and happiness was written on his young face.

A week passed. Sister was sitting on a sofa facing brother-in-law. They were leaving that day and he had to bid “Good Bye!!”.. With no words to express his affection, he came near, put his arms on his sister affectionately. “Can you please take it off?”, scolded his sister.

Was he hurt? No, that would be a euphemistic word to describe his feeling. But he didn’t say a word. Took off his hands, and moved out. “My sister has changed, definitely!!”.. was the thought going on in his mind.

How would he know the disapproving glare his brother-in-law gave his sister when he embraced her? Or when will he understand the pain in her eyes, when she had to scold her brother for no fault of his?

(P.S: The above incident is not fiction. Jagan, this is the incident which came to my mind)

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