March 30, 2006

Lesson Learnt!!!!

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Its been an eventful week till now.. and I did really learn something.

  • Never trust your assumptions.
  • Laughter and friends make one forget the pain.
  • Trust your intuitions.
  • Think before you leap.
  • Theres nothing great than amma kai soru and her lap!!!

tata folks for now!! Have a great day!!


March 26, 2006

Google Screws Up!

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To add to recently reported outages google has had some technical issues which would temporarily disable your accounts. It's been few days since the problem surfaced and here are the screen shots of the screens that you may see. One of them is deceptive.

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March 24, 2006

Why not?

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Just an observation..

I have seen girls holding hands and walking together..

At times, they would be having their hands on their friend’s shoulders and conversing..

Likewise, couples hold hands and walk together…

Why is the same not true with guys?

I have seen guys having their hands on the friends shoulders.. but they never hold hands…


March 19, 2006

My name’s Crush!!!

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Hey!! I have noticed this floating speck before
That means we have passed this before…
That means we are going in circles…
And that means we are not going straight……
Oh My!! C’mon!! Lets go to the surface..

Hey!! RelaX!!
Take a deeep breath
Why don’t we stop and ask for directions?

March 18, 2006

Got Ragged!!

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Was seeing Kiran’s ragging experiences and this kindled my memories. Thought I would write about one of my “ragged” experiences.. This is not my first ragged experience ever. But it is the one in which I opted to be a little bold and got away with it ;).


March 11, 2006

Enna Thavam Seidhanai

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Don’t think too much by seeing the topic name. I just ran out of titles when I thought about this incident. After listening to this, you yourself tell me what to keep as title here.

When a girl gets into a college, she would get various updates from her seniors.. Like top TFH/TDH fellows, professors who teach very well, staff with whom you should be careful and vaala suritify…. And we in college, got to know one more specimen. That is, XX nnnu oru department HOD. This guy was and is so famous (or notorius??) at college that anyone who passed out in this decade would still remember him.

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