September 25, 2012

thank you lord

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Thank you lord, for the new year, for being with me in my ups and downs, for being my support when I had none, for encouraging me, for loving me, for comforting me. Thank you for everything.


September 18, 2012

The Big 5 and small 5

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Ivan is having his quarterly exams and its real tough to get him to study or write anything.
Its not that he doesn’t understand. Sometimes he understands too much and is very playful and naughty.
The day before I sat with him and was helping him write numbers 1 to 10. He will write one number and would then get playful and start dancing. We were writing the number 5 and I was giving instructions like, ” put a sleeping line, then a standing line and then a curve”.
But his curve went very deep that it looked like a protruded belly. To my astonishment he named the big 5 as Judy mama (my brother has a nice round tummy). Then he put a very small 5 with a very small curve and called it Ivan. How do I deal with this little fellow?

September 5, 2012

Lead Kindly Light!!

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For the past few months I frequently went down in health. Either my son used to pick some virus in school and we both will be down for a week or I used to get my frequent bouts of head ache.

While I made sure that Ivan had regular checks with his pediatrician, I didn’t go and see the doctor myself. I kept on delaying citing office work, house hold work and tried convincing every one including myself that all is well.

Finally my dad lost patience with me and took me to an eye clinic. What do they call it? Opthalmology!! The doctor over there described the process of testing which involves dilating the eye. I had to close my eyes and sit for an hour. Sounded easy.. But I didn’t. My son was running here and there and I was getting phone calls from work place and I had to do both. Net effect was to have the medicine again in my eyes.

When I opened my eyes after some time, I couldn’t see any text. All letters looked double. I looked at my mobile. Letters weren’t visible at all. Went to the doctor and completed the process.

After that, Dad dropped me home and when I came inside, I couldn’t see even the calendar text. My head was spinning with head ache and for the first time in my life, I thought about visibly impaired people. How tough it should be for them not to see any light at all. They wouldn’t be able to see people, color, or anything. And yet, there are many among them who accomplish a lot in life. Who can forget the works of Helen Keller or Joan Brock? Or the contribution of Louis Braille.

When I thought of all those people, I was awestruck by their morale and strength to rise above their disabilities and still provide benefaction to the man kind.

That’s when another though struck me!! Most of the times, we keep thinking about disabilities in life. We may be poor, deprived, disabled or not blessed with gifts or looks. But God might have given us these so that our inner steel is strengthened. When we rise above our current limitations, our purpose in life will be truly revealed.

I hope that our Lord reveals the purpose & plan that he has for each one of your reading this message! Amen.

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