January 1, 2010

Welcoming new year 2010

Filed under: Life as I know it — Celia @ 6:11 am

One eventful decade has passed…

Went to college, completed it.. joined  first job, learnt it a bit, enjoyed it, felt lazy going to office, hated it like hell, joined second job, hated it, then liked it, then loved it, fell ill, joined 3rd job, got married, had a kid and now raising it…

This all summarizes it isn’t it? Now, it seems like the decade was over in a flash and the more responsible decade is now  here.. Dunno what is in store for me but I wish that some of it is good 🙂

This year, I am in a dilemma.. I have taken a sabbatical from work and I need to join by mid year.. Family wants me to continue my job whereas I want my kid to grow up in proper care even if it means that I sacrifice my work.. but is it good for me in the long run? I myself don’t know..

kaatril adithu kondu poga padum ilayai pola unarugiraen.. kaatrai edhirkavum vazhiyillai, isainthu sellavum manadhillai…


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