March 18, 2006

Got Ragged!!

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Was seeing Kiran’s ragging experiences and this kindled my memories. Thought I would write about one of my “ragged” experiences.. This is not my first ragged experience ever. But it is the one in which I opted to be a little bold and got away with it ;).

Soon after we joined college and got close, (close enough to go out as a gang and not that close to start having gang problems) we had a vacation and wanted to come back home. Some of us wanted to take the ever comfortable Yercaud express but the not so patient ones wanted to take Kovai. Since majority voted for Kovai, we decided that we go by that. We booked the tickets, got concession and got ready for the day. Almost all of us were missing our parents and were overjoyed at the thought of seeing our parents again. The much awaited day, finally came and we started the journey.

I was a typical mama girl till then and didn’t expect much about the journey. Had bought some cookies and reader’s digest. The magazine was enough to keep me busy for an hour and I thought I’ll spend the rest of the journey dreaming. All was well for sometime and then it happened.

A group of senior guys came to our coach and sat opposite to us. I preferred not to notice and started getting busy with my book amidst Kalps silly jokes. And then, one of the guys started speaking to my friends D, G and K. To my astonishment the girls were also all interested and were talking. I started wondering where it would lead to but kept mum. Those guys got so engrossed in the conversation that they forgot to sit and stood up and kept talking. K was sitting next to me till then and she had also moved.

Even before I could realise, one of the other guys occupied the place. I buried myself into the magazine. But the guy didn’t seem to get the hint. He started like,

He:And so, whats your name?
HE:Celia? Don’t you have an initial? I thought everyone has one.
(He gave one laugh thinking that was a big joke).
Me:Celia Rexselin.A
He:Oh!! Rexselinaaa? appadina? Why can’t you have the name as pencillin?
(If it had been Chennai, my hand would have kissed his cheek… Since so many of them were out there.. I tried adakki vaasichifying)
He:Hey!! It should be cool maann.. I will call you pencillinn. You look like one too..
(You are not a Keanu Reeves !! Boy)
He:Why are you this silent? See your other friends and how they flirt with my friend!!!
(I made a note to speak to K after we reached home)
He:Ok!! seems like you do not like it!! Where are you from?
He:Great!! I will call you santhome then!! your other name is so hard to pronounce..
(Nee nameaa pronounce pannanumnnu naaan kettanaaa?)

By that time, a guy from the canteen came selling masala dosai. I was also hungry and ordered together with my friends. After I got it, I took a morsel and tried having it.

He: Is this your culture? You won’t even ask whether I would want to have!!
(My culture says that I shouldn’t speak to people like you!!! you dumbhead!!)
Me:Sorry anna, do you want to have?
He:See, Call me as Sir!! Don’t try calling me as anna
Me: Ok, Sir. Do you wanna have this?
He: I am a gentleman.. Its too low for me to ask something and get it..
Me: (nalladha pochu)

I waited for another 2 minutes and when he didn’t speak another word, tried having the food.

He: Is this your culture? You won’t even ask whether I would want to have!!
(Go back to the previous passage.. Repeat this for some 5 times. I got exhausted and masala dosai got cold by then).. I got up and peeped into the other cabin girl, “Shirly, Do you want to have masala dosai? I don’t feel like having it.”. She was hungry too and gladly accepted it.
He: (!!!!! Kinda fumed I guess. Sat for some more time telling some stupid jokes before making a move).

By this time, all D, G and K came back and started gushing with excitement.. “You know, Cel. This Senior is just so coool.. He spoke really well… But his name is a little old fashioned.”. I replied,”Really? Whats it?”. D said “B.L.Theraja”.

It took us another year to understand the joke.

(P.S: B.L.Theraja’s books were the bible for our college EEE students. Since, ragging rules were enforced that year, the senior had said this name when these girls asked him, fearing that they might reveal it to some staff.)



  1. Hmm.. that was interesting.. so you know how make other people get irritated also!!.. Although i did not have any ragging in my college!!.. and neither I anyone! .. But, to a certain extent through ragging.. people to come each ther.. while othertimes things go out of hand to become a violent scene!..

    Comment by sujit — March 18, 2006 @ 7:05 pm | Reply

  2. Hi,

    SO u take Kovai express for returing to chennai for vaction. Can I know the name of you college please… Because all my chennai friends were interested in catching kovai Exp from Erode once they complete their Semester Exams.. Just Curious to know whether Are you from my own college(IRTT Erode).

    Comment by Babu — March 19, 2006 @ 5:19 pm | Reply

  3. we called it as “interaction” between juniors and seniors ..:-) ..some of hte interactions were pretty interesting .

    Comment by jaganpathra — March 21, 2006 @ 9:14 am | Reply

  4. unnakku eppo college illaya ?

    Comment by jaganpathra — March 21, 2006 @ 9:22 am | Reply

  5. @Sujit- Yes. We did get some friends.. but that day, it was really irritating.

    @Babu- No.. didn’t do it in IRTT. Its a nice campus though!!

    @Jagan- Leave that!!! where r u now?

    Comment by Bindu — March 22, 2006 @ 6:00 am | Reply

  6. The senior was dumb and his efforts at ragging were amateurish. BLT was a good one though.

    Comment by thetalkativeman — March 22, 2006 @ 6:57 pm | Reply

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