January 1, 2009

Year Hope!

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The past year has been quite eventful.. Got married, tried managing home and work together, behaved diplomatically during contro versial issues and so much..

Incidents which I would like to remember:

1) Our honeymoon together

2) When I  fell sick for almost 2 months early this year and hubby dear was right there with me supporting me and taking care of me like a mom.

3) When I found out that WE are going to be mommy and daddy.

4) The first fluttering sensation I felt inside my tummy.

There are some other incidents which left a scar inside me and which I would like to forget. Those are better left unsaid.

Here is to you all, a very happy and hopeful new year..

I wish the new year blesses you with all that you hope for (trusting you that you are not hoping for something insane).


I don’t have frequent access to web and so my frequency of posting will be sporadic, I will try to update more when am in my maternity leave…


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