April 30, 2008

Ignorance is Bliss – II

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Have you ever seen a person who wants to have all kinda credit cards in his wallet? Well, I live with one. Recently, He saw one Barclays card ad and wanted to get one. Moi thought that a prank wud be too good on this. After all planning, called him on his office landline from my landline so that he won’t get my number.

Moi: A very Good Morning to you.
Hub: Good Morning!
Moi: am calling from so and so company. Are you interested in buying Barclay’s executive platinum card?
Hub: actually, am more interested in you than your card. πŸ˜‰
Moi: !!!!
Hub: Indha kenai voice enakku theriyaadha. (can’t I recognize ur voice?)


Ignorance is Bliss – I

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Hubby and I are planning for a laptop for decent use and hence this sunday we went to the Croma shop to look out for laptops and their price range.

I was casually looking at the configuration of each and every laptop when a salesman there came over to me with all smiles.

SM: Mam, would you like any help?
Bindu: Hmm, I don’t see any macbook in here. Don’t you sell them? (I was not keen on getting help as we didn’t want to buy one in haste. So, I tried a very casual question at him).
SM: Sorry Mam. No books sold here. Only electronic items.
Bindu: !!!!

Hubby had to intervene and explain to him that macbook is a kinda laptop sold by Apple. Needless to say that I didn’t get any help from that SM after that πŸ™‚

April 15, 2008

Too long a gap

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Sometimes, when we have a trying situation at hand, the tide comes down heavy on us and makes it even more worse.

Well the current situation may not be as trying for you, but not being able to even access blog sites is a pathetic situation for me. Be it wordpress, flickr, blogger or any other useful* site, everything has been blocked by one so-nice web-sense blocker at workspace.

And what does that leave me with? I have material to post atleast 20 posts but don’t know what to post first. Has anyone ever had the same situation? On the other hand, do people here miss me? I know that I am not visiting your blogs these days. I would be grateful if you could add my email address in your blog subscription and send the post content to me. As for this post, I asked a fellow friend to forward this post of mine to wordpress. How nice of him.

Will post more …

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