September 20, 2008

Are christian groups really troublesome?

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Yesterday, My friend and myself had a discussion on the recent attacks on christian groups. He was for bajrang dal group telling me that Christian organization were actually asking for trouble by forcibly converting people.

Some of the accusations were

1) Proclaiming that only their religion is right and every other religion is satanic.

2) Trying to offer services (education, health) and lure innocent people.

While all these accuasations are there from the beginning and some really happened in earlier centuries (say prior to independence or duing the christian crusades), I don’t think this really happens these days. (more…)


September 7, 2008

Bought a laptop finally

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Wah, It really feels nice to blog from your personal laptop. Never mind the snail paced mobile internet. It is still worth the dime. Hope, that I can blog very frequently now.

You didn’t ask me which one I got. Got myself a black sony vaio vgn – cr363 😀

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