January 30, 2008

Insanity of the crowd!!

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These days am getting atleast 3 comments per day for this post. It all started with a harmless query of mine. I wanted to find out how to get hello tunes song in my mobile and one of my friends helped out. But who ever said that I will deliver hello tunes to all the brothers and sisters in the world? People who land up in the site don’t even read the post. They just check out all the previous comments (people requesting me for hello tunes) and put in their requests also. I appreciate their earnest will to get something. But shouldn’t they be seeking that in the place where it can be found?

So for all of you fellow men and women, if you still want me to go ahead and get music for you, please note the following also.

1) I would charge double the amount.

2) And I would sell your email address to every medical provider in US who guarantees everything big.

Appa!! am glad that I vented out.


January 16, 2008

Back finally :O

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It seems weird actually. Weird to see the additional chain hanging on my neck.. weird to get up at odd hours in the morning for all the odd reasons (Cooking!!).. weird to feel responsible for an other soul and wondering how to take care in the future!!

More than weird, its the apprehensiveness. Wish Sam had one more 24 hour “how to handle” book added to their series. Nyway, now that have leaped into it, guess I need to somehow strike a balance.

But I learnt quite a few things as well. Found that rice batter will go sour in 3 days even if I keep in fridge (or is it coz of hubby’s switching of the mains activity?). Found that I can make use of that too and still make uthappam (just add onion, cilantro and tomato pieces on top of the dosa). Found that I can cleanup easily if I spread newspapers before I start cutting veggies. I can wrap it up and throw easily you see 😉 . Found that idlies come of their plates easily if I show the plate’s posterior in running water.

Still an amateur, wanting to learn.. its exhausting and yet its fun. Hoping everything will be good. Wish me good luck 🙂

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