December 5, 2007


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Every cubicle in our office has a whiteboard.. which we can fill with diagrams, helpdesk’s phone numbers etc etc… I have a habit of writing a quote that I like.. And my current quote reads like this..

“You know how Einstein got bad grades as a kid?

Well, mine are worse!”

One naughty colleague of mine who is fond of playing pranks at me, stopped by my cubicle and commented.

He: This is what Einstein would say.. “You know how Celia got bad grades as a kid? Well, mine are far far better”.

Sigh!! Life is like that!


November 23, 2007

Ada de!

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Indha moviesle irundhu dialogue copy adikiradhu namma tamil makkalkku kai vandha kalai 😉 “Enna kodumai idhu saravana” la arambichu, “Saroja, Saamaan nikalo” varaikkum niraya peru neraya solli kettu irukken.  Nethu en roomie onnu pudhusa kandupidicha.. Adhai ellarukkum KT (knowledge transfer) pannalaamnu thaan indha post.

Matter enna na, morning timela, enga room tubelight ON aagurathukku 1 hour yosikuum. Adhuvum, geyser ON pannitomnaa, kekkavae vendaam. Oruthi veruthu poi, “Whats this yaar, this tubelight is one waste lightnnu” solla, en roomie adhai paathu.

“Oru tubelight ae, innoru tubelight ai vimarsikiradhe”, Adade! (acharya kuri) nnu solla, naanga ellaam ROTFL pannom. Movie edhula irundhunu purinchudha?

September 25, 2007

Kanakkula vaithiyiam paakuradhu..

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One of my friends in US had called me this week and as I was casually talking, I found that this person was speaking to me only in tamil.. (i.e: diligently avoiding the usage of english words).


August 2, 2007

Vidaadhu karuppu

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I don’t know why, but where ever I go, I seem to make some people laugh (ippadiyum sollikalaam la bulb-vaanginadha?). Since so many people are asking me about my sudden absence, I guess I’ll have to let out the reason. Folks, I shifted my job (and state) due to personal reasons and I am trying to get accustomed to this place. Ok, now I will continue with the reason for my statement (in the first line).


June 20, 2007

Meet me tonight in the moonlight

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Was listening to some good old songs while one particular song caught my attention. The song, an almost-duet of MGR-Saroja Devi, had peculiar lyrics.. I have never heard english lyrics in a tamil song.. That too, in a film possibly released in 60s or 70s.. After the interlude, the la-la group (khosti) start singing “Once a papa met a mama” kind of rhyme..  I dont know how many would have guessed this song by now.. Paapom, yaaru correctaa guess pannaraanu.

This song reminded me of one ghana song taught to us (hostellers) by a fellow wing-mate (Enga hostelaa oru rowla irukura rooms ellaam, wing-nnu solvom). Her father is an arts college professor and had taught her this song. I guess he must have possibly learnt it from his students!! Enna oru knowledge transfer!!  (read it like enna oru kodumai saravana.. 😉 ) The song had a mixture of all engliphish, madras tamil and complex mathematical calculations.. Here it is for you.


June 6, 2007

Moonu ela vidala …

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I know that I have not been updating this blog as regularly as before.. Work has finally caught me up and am not getting as much free time 😦 .. Hope to get more time in the future-!!

Last weekend, I had to leave town due to personal reasons and was traveling in an express. Our compartment had a young father, his 2-3 yr. old kid and a couple (probably college students) besides us. Though we didn’t interact much, the kid did light up the whole scene with its innocent talk. Before I get into what actually happened, I think I will need to give a small description about each of these people so that you are better acquainted.

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