June 4, 2008

The guy like the bull

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This happened last weekend. I was sitting next to a girl in the office bus. She got a call and I happened to overhear the conversation.

Mr or Ms. X:  ……

Windowseat girl: Hi, why didn’t you pick up the phone when I called you?

x: ..

WG: I see, ok.. Who won the match yesterday?

X: ..

WG: Hmmm.. Rajasthan.. Good Good. Who was their captain?


WG: Hey, I know him yaar.


WG: Cmon, he is the fat guy with short hair. He is like a bull.

X: …

WG: Ok ok.. Don’t boast that you know more cricket.


WG: Don’t bother. I might not pick up the call. Am gonna listen to music.

( Moi comment: warne paavom, x paavom!!!)


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