March 30, 2013

what will you do when you grow up?

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The quality time I give to my son is mostly during nights. Its when I would have finished all my office and house hold chores and would be unwinding myself. My son would insist that I tell him some stories and I would entertain him with stories of noah, gideon, david, samarian etc. Some other days I would cook up my own stories and get him into a fantasy world full of pocoyos, lula, sleeping bird, charlie, etc.

Today I was feeling a little down due to happenings of the week and asked him to tell me some story instead. He finished telling one and then I asked him about his future plan just like an average parent. He didn’t understand first and I had to get down to his level and asked him. Do you want to be like your daddy changing windmill fans? Or like doctor ananth who makes u well? Or like mommy who goes to office I——?

He replied saying, ‘police man. Ava thaane bad boys aa dum dum adipaa. illana. Postman. Ava letters kudupaale’


March 15, 2013

Chasing the wind!

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At times, we try to make a lot of sacrifices and adjustments and try to buy the love of people we love. But we forget that in the process, we may lose ourselves and the other person may not care at all. All this is a chasing of the wind.
The best love is the love that comes from God. He loves us as we are, cherishes in us, admires us and hopelessly in love with us. The only thing he wants from us is our love. May the love of God fill us all.

March 9, 2013

A humble beginning

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Had been to my cousin’s school function. Its a small school that she had started just for pre-schoolers. About 100 kids attend this school and the function was a big hit. One would think that its no big a deal. But as a sister who has seen her ups and downs, I would say that this is something wonderful.
She didn’t have good money when she started, no experience, just in her twenties, a toddler to take care of, and so many other things.
But she does have a few things. A marvelous husband, doting siblings, supporting parents and inlaws. With their support, this small drop I see today will certainly become an ocean.
While every parent went gaga about her innovative and loving approach to kids, only the relatives knew how much effort went into this.
Way to Go sister and brother in law!! I wish this diary of mine would live to see your success story!!

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