March 19, 2006

My name’s Crush!!!

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Hey!! I have noticed this floating speck before
That means we have passed this before…
That means we are going in circles…
And that means we are not going straight……
Oh My!! C’mon!! Lets go to the surface..

Hey!! RelaX!!
Take a deeep breath
Why don’t we stop and ask for directions?


October 7, 2005


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KTV had telecasted Anjali yesterday. Parents were watching kolangal with great interest and had to literally fight with them to get the remote. And THE REMOTE !!! Its one of the reasons for the major fights I have with my parents and siblings. And so I grabbed the remote and sat to watch Anjali. People say that its sad to watch it again and again. True. But only if these movies which have a social cause are televised atleast once, we would think about the issue. Otherwise, one gets drowned in the boy meets girl romance stories.

My papa used to say a joke on this…

Other world: I think Indians are the ones who don’t have any problem.
Indian: Why?
Other world: Because all your films are about romance or tearjerkers whereas ours would deal with a cause that is affecting the society.

Just a joke, but am really wondering why movies are being done this way.. Ofcourse comedy is needed because one goes to a movie for entertainment. But there is a difference when comedy comes from vivek and when it comes from koundamani/senthil.

Of the films that are being made, almost 98% are trash. By trash, I mean (boy meets girl– sing and dance 4,5 duets where glamour is liberally poured — fight with 10, 20 villains — mothers, sisters shed tears– boy, girl united).

There are good movies too.. but we can count them .. can’t we? How hard is it to tell 10 real good movies that have come out in the recent past!!

September 18, 2005


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I didn’t like it the first time when I tried watching it. In fact, I didn’t have the patience to watch it for more than 5 minutes. I had two other movies in hand, Sweet November and Serendipity. Since I didn’t have the time I thought that I would better not waste it on “Rebecca”. It was only after S told me that it is an IMDB rated movie I thought of giving it a second chance. Boy! This picture is just amazing.

I am not the sort whoz used to writing good reviews on a movie but for the expectation that I had had, Rebecca turned to be a surprise. I was just captivated by Joan Fontaine. Well, Laurence (as Maxim) has done well too but its Joan (its another surprise that she doesn’t have a name in the movie.. ) who steals the show. The movie just starts on a usual note, girl meets man (pun intended!!) and as I was thinking it as another sort of romance stories, huh, they soon decide to get married and there comes another surprise.

I’ll just end this on a note. I was lying down and watching the movie and after some 30 minutes I sat, got closer to the tv, and was biting my nails. Don’t know whether you would like it, its worth a try.

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