July 17, 2007

Problem Statement

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I got a new sim couple of weeks back. Its a prepaid one. I used up all my talk time within a week and had to recharge. Went to the showroom nearby and did a successful recharge for a different number. Yes, you read it right. But then, this is not the problem.

The show room female told me that theres no going back and I have to call this number and get my recharge transferred. Promptly, I did this and it was a female. I hear a hindi song as the caller tune and she has a nice voice and sweetly she tells me that she will do it in the evening.

Then, she calls me in the evening and tells me that she has to leave to her town and hence will do it the next week. Now, next week also has come but she won’t return my calls. My friend tries to reach her and she picks up, apologizes and tells the same thing. After that, no returning calls for friend too.

What do you think I should be doing now? Should I persist and keep on trying? Or should I send a complaint mail to airtel office? Or should I do something nasty like making her number public? Any input would be higly appreciated.


July 3, 2007

When all your days are eventful

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I just feeling like having a hot cup of filter coffee with my favorite nendhiram chips and unwind by watching Guru-Sishyan..

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