November 21, 2006

WestLife – My Love Lyrics

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I know that you men hate ‘Backstreet Boys’, ‘Westlife’ and likes. But, we just can’t stop loving the music or the lyrics..

What words!!! and what magic they create in you!!!



A night out at Velachery – II

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One more update to this post of mine. Its been a long time since I have taken the tidel park-velachery route.

Today I noticed a Dominos Pizza and a naidu hall shop in baby nagar. Those vying for real estate!!! Please notice 🙂

I think the people travelling via the S.R.P Tools – Bharathi Nagar road are a blessed lot. The road is just superb. One who is travelling needn’t worry about fiber in their food. That that thing that should happen daily early morning will definitely happen if one makes it a practise to go by this road 😉

Green Grapes !! Sour Grapes !!

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Nah, am not saying about the story in which the fox tried reaching for the grapes in vain and then said “Sour grapes!!”..



November 19, 2006

En thozhi!

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Romba naal aachi tamilla ezhudhi. konkam junoon tamil maadhiri irukalaam. Mannichikonga.


November 11, 2006

Vengaya Sambar

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Being a tyro at cooking, I always had this apprehensiveness toward’s maami’s recipes. Most of the time, I will watch Thamu’s cooking or Tarla dalal’s book and do something.

Today I tried to break the ice and did the traditional vengaya sambar. My mom did congratulate me after tasting it. What more credits do I need?

Read on.


November 7, 2006

A night out at Velachery

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When we moved into Velachery before 4 years, it was more like a town. It woke up at 7 and went to bed by 10. Almost all were individual houses with names like ‘Vaithegi illam’ or ‘ambika house’. The only entertainment I had was the library. I didn’t mind that however as most of the time was spent in studying.


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