November 7, 2006

A night out at Velachery

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When we moved into Velachery before 4 years, it was more like a town. It woke up at 7 and went to bed by 10. Almost all were individual houses with names like ‘Vaithegi illam’ or ‘ambika house’. The only entertainment I had was the library. I didn’t mind that however as most of the time was spent in studying.

Even before two years, it didn’t change much. When I was working in Tiruvanmiyur, I used to travel by the prestigious M1. The buses were new and plyed between velachery-tiruvanmiyur. Even during peak hours, almost all the passengers got seats to sit. One of my friends didn’t really like this and she used to curse me saying that she will write to Jayalalitha. Her plight was understandable as she used to commute by 29C.

Velachery has changed a lot since then. Hotels – Maruthi, Vasanth Vihar, Wang’s Kitchen; Supermarkets – Spencer, Royal Shoppe, Latha, Sekar’s, Apartments, IT companies, chat shops, leather goods, apparel shops and what not. And the buses and traffic!! Oh My God!! This sunday, my friend wanted to have a night out (perusa onnum illa.. Oru 2 hours out).. and we roamed in and around Velachery.

I couldn’t help but notice the big big apartments that have sprung up.. And names like “The Eden”, “Casablanca” .. Hmm where did I hear that? Yeah, When Sally says, “I don’t want to spend the rest of my life in Casablanca, ” in “When Harry met Sally”. Yapppov Velachery has really changed a lot.



  1. with time things changes.. almost everything!.. In bangalore where we lived, it was a forest..! almost empty.. and very few houses!… not a cluter of concrete blocks!.. and its the same story everywhere!.. people move in and out..!… bringing more blocks of concrete!.. but there is no other go!… development has its own effects..

    Comment by sujit — November 8, 2006 @ 2:52 am | Reply

  2. Yeah ..I was also surprised after seeing wang’s kitchen …isnt that place getting too crowded for comfort ??

    Comment by Jagan Pathra — November 8, 2006 @ 5:23 am | Reply

  3. I used to love Wang’s kitcken, we used to go there a lot of times as a family, I think it was Egmore Prince palaza/palace

    Comment by Nanyaar? — November 8, 2006 @ 2:45 pm | Reply

  4. tekunaalagy imbrooved so much-u ๐Ÿ™‚

    Comment by Syam — November 8, 2006 @ 9:04 pm | Reply

  5. yappa..velachery sema range aayidichu pola

    Comment by godo — November 9, 2006 @ 6:24 am | Reply

  6. @Sujit – I can’t even think of Bangalore now. Isn’t that place, a traveller’s nightmare?

    @Jagan – Yeah. These days it is getting crowded. What to do? Ulla poonna ore namba makkal thaan.

    @Nanyaar – Adhu Prince Plaza da. Yeah, I have been there. College reference books paaka kannimara library varum podhu, naanum inga vandhirukkan.

    @Syam, @godo – hmmmmm !! eppadi irundha Velachery ippadi aayiduchu ๐Ÿ˜€

    Comment by Bindu — November 11, 2006 @ 5:00 am | Reply

  7. Local Velacheryku…International range ku travel build up…

    But since I donโ€™t remember coming to velachery… when come down to chennai this time… I must add it in the โ€˜must see areas of chennaiโ€™ list which also includes paris corner and ranganathan street… ๐Ÿ˜› ๐Ÿ˜›

    Comment by nandu — November 11, 2006 @ 7:04 am | Reply

  8. We are in search of a house/room for accommodation of two S/w Proff -Single in and around Velachery.Single Bedroom/Double.Rent

    Comment by Santhanakrishnan — February 13, 2007 @ 9:39 am | Reply

  9. Yeah, I too agree with you Bindu.
    I can see a lot of change in Velachery. Everywhere I can see IT people (either s/w or BPO)… huge huge apartments, almost all bank’s ATM is available; professional supermarkets, Big Jewellers, high tech railway stn were already in place…. even at around 1’o clk in the mid night I can see many people roaming in the streets casually… rombave change… Oneway its good but may be near future, it will be similar to T.Nagar (very conjusted)… what u say?? ๐Ÿ™‚

    Comment by Pavan Kutti — January 25, 2008 @ 4:34 am | Reply

  10. all the above mentioned remarkable chages are fired by IT geeks…10 yrs back i saw velachery (100 feet bypass rd) – a village with green landscape.. nowhere now… it leads to cocktail polluted arena!

    Comment by nirmal && arvind||folks — November 21, 2008 @ 4:49 am | Reply

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