June 8, 2011

A Missionary’s Prayer

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I was listening to a song sung by Paul Thangaiah’s. Was really moved by it and thought will post it here. This song is a tribute to those missionaries who spread good news and love.

Tamil Version

En dhevanae en indha vedhanai

Azhugaiyin paadhaiyil sella

En ennai anumadhitheer


Udaintha ullathai ariveer allo

Ullathin baarathai kandeer allo

Annalin kannerai kanda thevan

Endhan kaneerai thudaitharulum


Ooliya paadhaiyil vedhanaigal

Udaintha paathiram naan allo

Odi odi uzhaithumae

Vedhanai keepaar yaarum illai.


Umakaaga jeevika therindhedutheer

Santhoshamaga erru kanden

Sodhanai vedhanai thaangiduven

Ellam endhan yesuvirkae


My God! Why is there so much suffering.

Why did you let me walk in the path of tears?


Don’t you know my broken heart?

You have really seen my heavy heart.

You are the God who saw Hanna’s tears

Please wipe out my tears


Suffering in the path of ministry

Am I not the broken vessel now?

After running and running around

There is no one to listen to my suffering.

You chose me to live for you

Happily I accepted

Will bear all suffering and trials

All for your sake!

If you would notice, though the missionary laments about his situation, he still accepts his call. The call for the day is not to spread religious sentiments. But to spread good news and love for those yearning for it. Do you know what the good news is?



December 5, 2007

The three musketeers

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There are these 3 girls who I know of. They got friendly in recent times.. One of these girls happens to be me.. And these girls have nothing in common except the fact that they work for the same company.

As I was thinking about them, one thing struck me. One girl is trying very hard to make herself a prosperous career even at the cost of her family, while another thinks that her family gains precedence over anything else that she won’t even mind quitting her job. The moderator of these three, wants both and sometimes sacrifices one for the other.

All the three are in their prime, very busy and looking forward to the future. Don’t know what reply time has in store for them. Well, lets see.

April 5, 2007

Remembering Maundy Thursday…

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Thoobam polen jebam
undhan paadham sera vendum;
Nesa Thandhaai undhan
arul ennai sera vendum;

Like this incense I offer, my prayer
should reach your feet;
Loving father, your grace
should reach me;

Its one of those days when one prays solemnly.. hallelujah is rarely mentioned in the songs;

This day, Maundy thursday is observed by Christians in remembrance of Lord Jesus. Great incidents happened on this date; Lessons were learnt; If you are one of those who is wondering what this day means, here it is for the record..

1) Its the day of Jesus’s last supper. It was at this date, Judas, his disciple, his treasurer betrayed him for 30 silvers.
2) It was at this date, Jesus taught his disciples a very valuable lesson. That, whoever wants to be a master, should be a servant first. Jesus demonstrated this by washing the feet of his twelve disciples and wiping it with his hand towel.
3) This is the day when all of his disciples and friends forsake him; leaving him alone.
4) This is the day when he was crowned with thorns and beaten up!!

Maundy Thursday: Maundy is taken from the latin word `mandatum’ referring to Christ’s commandment concerning foot-washing;

March 9, 2007

Better wear helmet!!

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Wise men say that life starts and ends with the family —

At times, it ends on the road too..

August 28, 2006

Man’s ultimate goal ..

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Saw this status message in one of my friends profile.

Man’s ultimate goal is creation, procreation !!

Comments please 😀

April 19, 2005

Jimmy Please Say You’ll Wait For Me

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Happened to land on a lyrics site today and I found a song that my friend taught me when I was in college. Back there in college, we didn’t have that much entertainment. No beach, amusement parks or mega malls. All we had were the cinema theatres, which were of no use to me.So my friends and myself had no other option but to go, get lost in the town during daytime and rediscover the path to college while returing.

During the nights, we would get our dinner from the mess, and would sit in the park and talk till midnight. We were a kinda masala gang, people from different customs and cultures. This way, we learnt a lot from each other and this includes songs too. (even gana songs).I like this song a lot, well, not because of the words, but because of the way my friend used to sing it.


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