October 31, 2005

Thoodhu Po ChellaKiliyae!!

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I have been trying to write this post for the past two weeks and each time my computer shuts down. (Guess there’s some elf hiding behind my desk!!). I recently met my friend who inquired about my childhood best friend Amudha. I said that I hardly had any idea.

We lost track of each other soon after I finished my elementary school. For now, the only thing that comes to my mind is this incident that took place when I was 8 years old. This is dedicated to Amudha who is the root cause of this incident.

Okay.. Now history unwinds and goes back to the period when I was a meek yet bubbly child. Small enough for playing yet big enough to listen to teen girls stories from Lavanya akka. (But I was very innocent!!! :))

How I loved Lavanya akka at that time. She was 5 years older than me and was ravishing as a teenager. She had long straight hair, fair and lovely face and a nice figure too. (Hmmmmm. Imagine Amala of Agninatchathiram). She didn’t have any friends of her age in our apartment, nor did I have anyone of my age. Well I did have, there was Amudha ofcourse.

Amudha was 2 years younger than me. Lavanya akka didn’t like me speaking to Amudha. Do not mistake this to be possessiveness. Theres more matter to this story.

Amudha was boisterous, naughty which I liked but she had another quality too. She was friends with one group of motta pasanga gang (don’t know how one would phrase this in english??). I used to wonder why she was much sought after by that gang. And one day it became clear to me.

She was the official postmaster (loveletters ofcourse!!) for that gang. I came to know this when she delivered a letter addressed to Lavanya akka. That was written by Karthik anna.

Karthik was a local rowdy. He used to steal petrol from all apartment residents vehicles. He was known for following girls. So Lavanya didn’t care a bit when he tried his advances towards her. But this time, the letter had a different thing. It had a heart drawn in blood.

Lavanya got very angry. She was angry with me too for being friends with Amudha. She called me that day.

“See, Bindu. Either cut your friendship with Amudha. Or ask her to stop speaking to Karthik. If nothing happens, I will have to tell your parents what Amudha did and you can never speak to Amudha anymore.”

I was very upset. I spoke to Amudha about this. She seemed to listen this time. She said that she’ll go speak to Karthik for one last time and asked me to accompany her. I was overjoyed that this is going to be the last time and Lavanya can be very free.

So we went like grownups to Karthik anna and told him this.. He looked at us curiously.

What made you girls think that I am a bad guy?
Everyone else says so..
Do you think that I am one?
Amudha : No Me: I don’t know.
Fine, If you are not sure, lets have it that way itself.
But what made you think that Love is bad?
?????? We didn’t know what to say..

Just then, my classmate’s Naseema’s sister Rabiya was passing by. Karthik pointed to her and said..

Do you know this girl?
Yeah I know. She’s my friend’s didi.
okay. She and another Brahmin Guy called Arun are in love. Do you know this?
Go ask her if this is bad. If she says, its bad.. I’ll let go of this love.

I was getting confused by then. I turned to Amudha only to find her running behind Rabiya. I got frightened like anything.

Hey! Amudha !!! Stop!!! Stop !!!

She ran after Rabiya. My efforts in stopping her went vain. So I also ran after her. By the time I reached Naseema’s apartment, Amudha had already started saying something. I went closer to hear what she said.. And She was …

Akka ! do you know anyone called Arun?

Rabiya’s expression changed immediately and naseema who was sitting in the balcony was hearing this and came down. So did her mother. I was flabbergasted. I knew that the damage was already done and anything I could say could only worsen it. Still I tried.

No akka. I guess Amudha wants to know whether you have a friend by the name, Aruna.

Her mother had come closer then. She went to Amudha and asked her what she really wanted to say. And this female !! (guess she should have been the wife of King Harichandra in the last birth) .. She blurted out the truth.

One anna said that Rabiya and Arun are in love. We didn’t believe. So I just wanted to make sure.

The next thing that happened was far beyond our imagination. We didn’t know that our curiosity would have such a profound effect. We should have just stuck to our good old ice boy, paramapaadham and dhaayam. Rabiya’s mother went down to her and started slapping her in front of us. We were shellshocked. She kept asking…

Tell me, is it true? I know you. You are capable of that.
Nahi ma. I didn’t
No. These kids wouldn’t tell lies.

Amudha had forgotten to close her mouth seeing this. She looked at me.. I knew from her eyes that she would start crying at any moment. The next thing, we did what we can do best. We ran off like anything after saying Bye to Naseema.

It took some time for us to settle in our usual marathadi infront of our apartment. My temper was shooting high that I wanted to give Amudha a nice beating. But she was already scared seeing the effect she had caused.

Why did you do this Amudha?
See! I just wanted to prove to Karthik anna that he was wrong.
So, did you see what has happenned now?
Yeah. I didn’t know Rabiya’s mom would beat her..

She started wailing.. I couldn’t continue after that. I just thought of the consequences that would happen the next day morning when I meet Naseema in class. I thought about it for a long time and decided that we two should go to Naseema’s house again when her mom is not there and ask sorry to Rabiya akka. When I told this to Amudha, she refused. She was so scared that she didn’t want to come.

“Fine”, I said. I myself would go. I waited till the next day. Naseema met me in class and told me that Rabiya was crying all evening after that. I was hurt badly. Wanted evening to come very badly. It came at last. I went with Naseema to meet Rabiya…

Her eyes were swollen. I wanted to go hide myself under the ground on seeing her. I went up to her and said sorry. She smiled at me and told me its okay. Then she asked me..

Who told you these stories?
Karthik Anna
Do you know him very well?
Yeah. Kinda
Fine, then do one thing. I couldn’t meet Arun yesterday. Can you give this letter to Karthik and ask him to pass it on to Arun?

That was the last time I went to her house.

(P.S: All names have been changed except Amudha and Arun. All the four (karthik, Lavanya, Arun and Rabiya) are happily married though not to each other)



October 22, 2005

My name is Celia Pexualisi

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Today I got a greeting from Vummidi Bangaru wishing me Diwali. Everything was right about it. Only that my middle name had been changed to Pexualisi. I wonder how they could come up with such a beautiful name when I had written Rexselin instead. Maybe I should have written King’s Flower or King’s Peace.

My name has always been associated to so many mispronunciation and confusion thanks to my mother. Ever known a woman who named her daughter after the obstetrician? If you haven’t, know it now. Its my great mother. One Mrs.Celia White helped her a lot during delivery that my mother was overcome with gratitude and named me after her. But thats not all. SOmehow my mother thought that “White” was not suitable for me. And she was bent on giving me two names as she had done for my elder brother. So there comes another story. Mom had a close friend called Rex whom she liked a lot. But since it was a unisex name and didn’t go well with Celia she thought that she’ll add some more to it. My Godmother Selin, gladly filled that part. Then Celia Rexselin happened. But why she decided to call me Bindhu at home is yet another mystery.

And fate followed me. People who were not comfortable with my second name found a new name that they liked and called me that way. Vummidi Bangaru is a very good example here. One senior guy called me Penicillin (and he was proud of it too) as he thought that he had discovered something even more greater than the medicine. Classmates compared me with another guy Brucelin and echoed that word whenever my good old Maths teacher asked for me.

One day, another interesting event happened. We had applied for railway ticket concession in college. Usually the staff at college would take care of filling the details and would send it to our class. All my friends got the form except me. While I was wondering what the problem was, they called me. Anxiously I went to the office. The clerk over there looked at me and asked,

Are you Célia Rexselin (The é is intended and thats how she pronounced it)?.
Yes Ma’m and its pronounced Celia.
Okay, you can go now. You would get the form in the evening.
I what?, why did you call for me then?
Oh! We had a small doubt in filling up the gender column so we decided that we’ll better call you and have a look.

But there was one consolation for me. Two other girls’ forms, their last names were Samuel and Edward had “M” filled up in their gender column and they had to reapply.

But all is not that bad. One thing I like very much about my middle name is its uniqueness. I don’t think that anyone else shares the same name. Thank you Mother!!

October 18, 2005

Zaheer and the Girl!

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Watching Cricket is fun or not!! but watching this is definitely fun. If you can’t download the movie, ask (NO NOT ME) Gaurav Sharma..

P.S : Thanks Gaurav, I enjoyed it.

October 17, 2005


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We have a new french faculty this time. The one who took for us was finding it hard to manage three sessions per day and hence she was relieved off one of the batches. We all miss her, but the current one also seems to be good. Since last saturday and sunday were “Lire en Fête”, most of her lessons were about it.

It was becoming monotonous at one point when she pointed to Madan and asked him a question. He didn’t answer it correctly but she persuaded him to speak some sentences in french and sent us ROTFL. And then she asked him his age. When he told her, that he is 14 ans, she exclaimed that he is the benjamin in the class.

The whole class BLINKED. She then explained that benjamin means “youngest child” in french. Everyone took a note of it. I didn’t because this was not an easy word to forget. Benjamin was the last son of Jacob (or Israel, the jewish patriarch). I was surprised after hearing the word because its two birds in one stone.

Any non-french speaker, on hearing the word would easily know that they mean “youngest” when they say “benjamin” and at the same time, for the natives, its easier to carry over the story of benjamin. Tradition is preserved, so is the language. What a cool way!!! I just wonder whether we use any historical words in common usage. Couldn’t come up with any.

October 13, 2005

TV Time and Rain!

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Its been raining season in Chennai and the place I live in has almost become a mini island.Its been declared a holiday in most places. On an ideal day like this, I would prefer reading a novel in my cozy room with a cup of hot water to drive away my damn cold and fatigue. But this time, my uncle had planned to have a vacation for himself and hence had left his kids Shibin and Shincy with me.

So, we became three of a kind and watched all kinds of animated movies in one and a half day. (I wish this becomes a world record).

1)Shrek 1 (well, we did some speed forward here).
3)Toy Story 1
4)Toy Story 2
5)Monster Inc (twice)
6)Tom and Jerry Series
7)Parts of Ice Age.

Then we played some good old crossword games, made up Shincy’s hair like Boo’s, had crab meat and enjoyed the rain too. Rain! Rain! Please don’t go away!!!

October 11, 2005

Managing Kids!!!

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I think kids become more difficult as the night progresses. My cousins have come home and all was well till I put them in bed and logged on to my COM. Oh my!! two minutes of neglect and they picked up the worst of fights.. Wonder for what???

My cot has been placed against the wall and both were not interested in taking the far end of the bed.. Dunno for what reason!!! After a minute, the 7 year old was on top of the 11 yr old and both of them were trying to emulate WWF players. Sigh!! took on the role of Rosalyn and tried acting strict. They kept quiet, hmm for the next 5 minutes. I started checking my inbox again but soon they came after me asking every possible question. Then I had to switch on some music for them to sing lullaby. The younger one fell for it and is asleep. Elder one wanted to relieve himself and hasn’t come out of the toilet and its been 15 minutes.. Wonder what happened to the toilet!! Let me go and check!!!

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