December 10, 2006

Guess the Blogger – III

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Am amazed at how Calvin fantasized about Hobbes and the vulnerable innocence he has on his face when he complains to Mom. So does our blogger 🙂 . While mom had to bear with Calvin’s tales, its we bloggers who end up as poor recipients. And guess, who is hobbes here? Its none other than the famous or infamous R.



October 29, 2006

Guess The Blogger – II

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Well, this is gonna be a real easy one. If you don’t guess this right, cha, waste.. appadinnu chinna kuzhandha kooda sollum.


I wonder what this blogger’s wife and kids think when our dear guy goes out like this..

October 20, 2006

My New Strip Series

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Voila, I got my sony k750i finally. Thanks to you all for your valuable suggestions. I tried taking some pics to post in the blog but it all seemed out of context. Thats when I thought of this series.

This series would be a cartoon strip (which will be clicked from k750i) and would depict a particular blogger’s behaviour/character in his/her blog. It could be you, your blogger friend or someone you might not even know.

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