August 14, 2010


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Saw inception this weekend.. Wouldn’t want to describe the movie in anyway, but if anyone out there wants to watch a good movie, pick this one.

You would surely not regret 🙂

P.S: If you are going to sathyam, please don’t order for caramel popcorn. I am just making sure that you don’t have any regrets 😉

P.P.S: If you are not a native speaker, watch it with sub titles ON.. It ‘coz the s creen play travels at a far greater speed than our  mind..


August 2, 2010

Am I back home?

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Till recently, I was almost like a cat on the wall. One leg in Bangalore and another in Chennai. Life was close to hitting the ‘central station’ and ‘majestic’ every week. Add to it, a very miserable baby who loves to be with his mom all the time. And finally, I did decide.

Ya, Folks. Am back in Chennai for good! Atleast for the nearest long term. I have got transfer and will be working here while hubby dear is also trying for the same in bangalore..

With this, I really should say that I miss Bangalore. Its one of the loveliest places to be.  There is this phrase in tamil, “Vandhaarai vaazha vaikkum thamizhagam”.. I don’t know how true it is these days, but I can say that this phrase will be very true in the case of Bangalore.

I really miss the climate out there.. the parks in almost every block.. market place, lalbagh, the auto wallahs who take just the meter charge, spar market, electronic city, infant jesus church, my landlord who was more a friend … the friends i made at office and at PG…

Bangalore… I wish Chennai matches up to you!

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