February 2, 2011

A peek into Personal Finance

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I got this link Jago Investor from a friend of mine.

I should admit here that I am a bit conservative when it comes to ‘Financial Planning’. Or rather, the people I know and with whom I interacted told me to stay away from stocks, equities and all other kinda funds.

Even for insurance, I took an ‘Endowment Policy’ only to reduce tax. What a pity! I wish I had seen this website when I was a 22 yr old. Well, it is not too late however. I guess, I can start atleast now.

But I suggest that every person who sees this post, to have a look at the above blog and read the articles provided there. If you don’t have time, at least, find some financial planner who will guide you in financial planning. Do it, and you will surely come and thank me later on (I guess, it would take decades though).

Thanks & Regards,

Celia Aloysius


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