January 31, 2006

Is there a sneaker?

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Was chatting with one of my friends when this happened. Ofcourse, I was using yahoo messenger and we were so much engrossed in the the conversation when she asked me why I sent her a particular “hi” message again.

I was surprised and told her that there isn’t a need for me to send a “hi” to anyone when you are already conversing with the person. Thats when we two started doubting whether some one was sneaking into her computer. Worse, the person had addressed her like how I usually used to address. Does this mean, that someone can actually look into all the conversations we are having with our pals?

For all this, we both had all kinds of firewalls and antivirus kits installed in our system. Wonder what is happening!!


January 23, 2006


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She came to that cottage house last week. She was a petite, fair woman with delicate eyes. She had long curly locks and I wished to talk to her from the moment I saw her. But since I was getting late for work, I got down and left immediately. When I returned that evening, I saw a board in front of her house. “Dr Mrs Vander Tramp”, it seemed a little peculiar. Anyways I didn’t mind.

The next day, I saw her walking. I smiled at her. She saw me.. but she reacted very strangely. She seemed to look through me and didn’t respond at all. For a while I thought that she might be sleep walking. But then, No, after sometime, she turned back and let out a giggle. I wished I could see her incandescent teeth but then she hurried off to her house. Guess the day was very busy for her, so many patients came visiting her and I got to hear that she was a psychiatrist. I thought about the morning incident and pondered whether her reaction might be a side effect of all this experience.

That night, I was not able to sleep. Thats when, I heard that laughter from that house. It was a series of laughter that started with a giggle and became louder and louder by the moment. I got up with a start and then realised that she might be laughing over a joke someone at her house might have cracked. I slept off late that night. The next day went as usual and I came back from work. I told yesterdays events to my friend whos staying nearby and she was surprised when she heard that. She said that this lady lives alone. Once again, a strange feeling gripped me..

Again, I tried watching “Laurel and Hardy” and din’t know when I dozed off.. Somewhere in my sleep, I heard bouts of laughter and woke up. I could clearly hear the sound coming from that house and decided to go tell her a thing or two. Put on my coat and went to her house. It was so dark inside.. I wondered how that lady could laugh like that during that pitch dark time of the day. And then, I saw her. She was standing near a fish tank and stared at me. Her delicate eyes mesmerised me. Then she smiled, he mouth wide open.. All I could then see was, …. teeth dripping with blood…

I was shocked and panicked and ran with all my might I could.. Got into my house and bolted the door.. Then I heard it..

Knock Knock!!

I gathered my strength … and let out a whisper..

Whos’ there?

Dr Mrs Vander Tramp

I almost fainted.. Wanted to shout out that I didn’t know any Dr Mrs Vander Tramp…Then, I said.

Dr Mrs Vander Tramp, who?

Descendre, Rester, Mourir, Revenir, Sortir, Venir, Arriver, Naitre, Devenir, Entrer, Retourner, Tomber, Rentrer, Aller, Monter, Partir…

Wondering what I have written? How else do you think that I would remember the french verbs that have etre conjugaison? For all this effort, none of the words came up in the exam yesterday. DAMN! And as for the story, I happened to see few scenes from chandra mukhi 😉

January 17, 2006

The cute idiot box and its dumb channels!!

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Was watching quite some silly programmes on tv.. Can only marvel at these producers and the directors.. They should have real guts to rely on just the “crying power” of women and telecast women oriented serials.. Anyways, some tit bits about what I watched this week would help u understand how pathetic my situation is.

Anandham (means Joy!!):
A top rated (supposedly) serial. But all this serial has are pounds and pounds of rivalry, hatred and coverting. The villian (no man here!! this is a woman), tries to file a case against her employee stating that she violated the norms and downloaded some secure information from the company server.. The court transfers the case to the cyber crime squad.

I was watching casually and was thinking how even the small screen directors have changed. The whole of tamilnadu is turning techy.. But then, the scene didn’t end. One of the guys from the cyber squad turns up and wants to check whether such a malpractise had actually happened.

Ippo thaan matter is interesting. The guy starts checking the server. First, he inserts a CD into the drive… (I thought may be he has some software in that CD).. and he logs on to the machine. Then he opens, Internet Explorer (Aaaan … that only 😉 and looks worriedly at the screen (That was a “Page Cannot be Displayed” screen. I can understand.. Even I would have the same worried look in office if such a screen comes up).

He keeps highlighting the “Page cannot be displayed” heading for 2 minutes.. Idhula one commercial break also had come. And then, he finally said.. “Madam, there is no evidence that that particular employee downloaded information from your server”. (Real Geek he is, isn’t it?)

Kolangal (Drawings??)
One could have named this serial as “Cryungal” instead. Hero cries, Heroine cries, mother of heroine cries, sisters cry, father-in-law cry and everyone else cry. The only one who laughs is the evil mother in law.. Poor she? Won’t anyone come to her aid?

This seems like a malayavooo..
Ever been through a dejavu? No? Then, you should definitely see a malayalam movie. Coz everytime you see one, you would have this thought.. “Haven’t I seen this before?” Hell!! even the cast would be the same.. Only the Hero and Heroine would be different. Occasionally the story might change too. But for a never ending experience.. come .. watch and suffer!!

January 13, 2006

The tale of a sister and her brother!!

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They were the best of friends at times, worst of enemies some other times. Many a times, she has enjoyed petting him and he would love to rest his head on her lap. Together they would sing, eat from the same pot, fight for the bathroom and sometimes, wink at each other when they see flirting members of the other sex.

And it all came to an end, when she got married. He didn’t think so however. The bridegroom was good. He might even go far as saying that he was an okay person for his adorable sister. Being the brother, he loved to put the gold chain on his brother-in-law’s neck.. He loved all the snaps that he took of both of them. He was proud when all his college friends came and took photo with his sister. “My lovely sister!!!”, pride and happiness was written on his young face.

A week passed. Sister was sitting on a sofa facing brother-in-law. They were leaving that day and he had to bid “Good Bye!!”.. With no words to express his affection, he came near, put his arms on his sister affectionately. “Can you please take it off?”, scolded his sister.

Was he hurt? No, that would be a euphemistic word to describe his feeling. But he didn’t say a word. Took off his hands, and moved out. “My sister has changed, definitely!!”.. was the thought going on in his mind.

How would he know the disapproving glare his brother-in-law gave his sister when he embraced her? Or when will he understand the pain in her eyes, when she had to scold her brother for no fault of his?

(P.S: The above incident is not fiction. Jagan, this is the incident which came to my mind)

January 11, 2006

Caught Cheating?

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This pic sent by my friend made me smile and reminded me of a similar incident… that happened when I was in the first year of college.

And so, it happened like we were put in a batch of 60+ students and the class hours were more like school. We had to go to the department at 9:00 and it got over by 4:35. Most of the periods were boring with temporary faculties and old lecturers. But there were some exceptions too like English lecturer Praveen who captivated us with his knowledge in English, mechanical staff JK who terrorised us with his sadistic questions, Civil Lecturer Raghavan sir who advised more like great Grandpa and Maths lecturer Nelson sir who taught us everything but maths.

The only periods I used to like were the lab classes, wherein I can get to work at my pace and leave the lab as soon as possible and get back to hostel. And then, there was the dreaded workshop lab. Though I managed the “fitting” lab, I could never get any carpentry piece to a finer shape. My benchmates were more like the 6 foot massive builded villains and mastering the wood piece was a piece of cake for them while I sweated on bringing it to absolute measurements. After the class, I would be left with relatively no energy and I would march straight to my room bunking the next 2 theory hours.

On the fateful day, my evil friend kept on nagging me asking not to bunk the two hours. She didn’t have company on that day and hence cast me into a spell saying that I can always afford to sleep in the class if I want. And so I went to the class after workshop lab. The physics lecturer was damn boring in her lecture and I started sleeping. Well, to do this, my friend had taught me a little trick.

One has to understand the finer nuances in this masterwork. I would have to have my eyes open all the time and switch off the brain selectively. But then, the head would lose control and would want to rest itself on the desk. To prevent this, one should give support to the head using both the hands. The final effect should look like “kappal kavilndha sogam”. I too had graduated in this and was doing it very well for sometime. Then, tragedy happened. My brain cheated me and did an action involuntarily. It decided to give rest to my hands too. I was too deeep in sleep to realise what happened. I fell on the desk and suddenly woke up with a start..

Oh My!! the lecturer stared at me like anything that I didn’t know what to do. I caught a piece of paper and begun copying notes from the blackboard frantically. I didn’t dare look at her face. After a minute, (Or so I guess), I dared and looked. To my horror, she was still looking at me intently. Caught red-handed, I used my final weapon.. “a stupid grin”.. She smiled too and let me in peace..Appa.. aaana andha oru nimisham naan patta paadu!!!

January 6, 2006

Bike Rides

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(People looking for motor sports or bike specifications, please look elsewhere)

Got on the pillion of my father’s bike and started for the day to workplace. As papa was riding, a thought struck me. Why not analyse bike rides I have gone till now? Well that seems to be a pretty good proposition and here I go..


I guess if there’s any emotional or delicate side to Guys, its in this relationship. Papa never goes above 50 in his speed dial and mom would always tease him saying that even a bullock cart would overtake him with ease. But travelling with him is such a comfort. Even in this pot-holed city, many a times I have fallen asleep on dad’s back while riding. While sitting on the pillion, I have done last minute study for exams, have tied up my hair and have eaten breakfast also… All this at the comfort level one gets at home..

Elder Brother:

The most rash driver I have ever seen in my life ;). One minute I’ll sit on the pillion and the next minute I’ll be in my destination.. Whenever I travel with him, I’ll be very careful to hold him tight just to remind him that a young scared sibling is sitting on the pillion. He gets damn irritated when I do that and I get damn happy when he gets irritated.. What to do? Happens..

Younger Brother:

Most of our college discussions happen during travel with this Guy. Whether be it telling him about the recent gang war or him telling me about the latest couple in college. The speed of the bike varies depending on the conversations we are in. The more the argument, the lesser the speed. Somehow, this guy has got a parental attitude.. Wonder whether its same with all younger brothers.. While elder ones are more subtle in their fraternal love, younger ones seem to be more open. This has been more visible during the bike rides too.


Wow.. I love these rides.. Every time the bike passes a store, it stops and I get something. Never can I imagine doing the same thing with father or brothers. Its may be because.. these rides are very rare…


The compass in the speed dial varies a lot depending on which road we are in and who our fellow travellers are ;). Most of the times, we get into serious discussions that we will know where we are only when the bike hits the back of another car or bike.


The second most rash driver I have ever seen. I really don’t understand why Guys think that they are superheroes while riding their bikes.. Also I don’t understand why the speed up when they see a girl rider overtaking them.

Universal truth:

Whatever may be.. All guys would never ride their bike without a comb in their pockets and every guy would take a nice look at himself in every signal his bike gets stopped. Doesn’t happen with girls though..

“Enough dreaming!! Get down soon.. I’ll have to go to the market too..” said my papa.

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