March 24, 2007

Weirdness in me?

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Nanyaar tag panni irukaanga. En kitta appadi oru periya weirdness irukiradhaanu enakku theriyala. Irundhaalum sila behaviour mattum solren.



March 18, 2007

Cabbage Thoran

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Tried out this simple side dish today!! The whole thing shouldn’t take more than 15 minutes and there aren’t many ways to spoil this one 🙂


Finely chopped cabbage – 2-3 cupfuls

curry leaves – handful

one big onion

one small onion (sambar vengayam)

coconut scrapped (handful)

2-3 green chillies (or 4 red chillies can be used)

1 tsp salt

1 tsp cumin seeds

2 cloves garlic

1 pinch of turmeric


1 tsp oil

1 tsp mustard seeds


1) Cook finely chopped cabbage, salt and curry leaves with enough water till dry. If you would want cabbage to get a yellowish tinge, add turmeric here. Otherwise, save it for the paste.

2) Grind the rest of the ingredients (except the big onion) coarsely and keep it aside.

3) Cut the big onion into slices.

4) In a cooking pan, season the oil with mustard and once the seeds start popping, add the onion slices. (Please cook in low-medium flame).

5) Once the onion turns golden, add the cooked cabbage to it and saute for a minute.

6) Add the paste and saute again.

Thats all! The dish is ready 🙂


1) If you are one of those types who thinks that curry leaves are just for garnishing, please do not add it to cabbage while cooking it. Instead grind the leaves together with the coconut paste.

2) For people who prefer red chillies, add two while seasoning and grind the other two.

March 13, 2007

The so called smile –

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You have had good times with this friend (don’t know whether friend is an apt word). Have helped out each other, laughed together etc.

Suddenly you cease to exist in this friend’s life. No, the friend is not busy. But doesn’t like you anymore!! or probably never liked you in the first case!! May be you are not that rich, or influential or may be not that famous!! That is what it takes to be a friend of this great person!!.

And then it happens that you again see this person by chance! The friend gives you a ‘don’t I know you’ smile!! And you have no other option than to acknowledge and smile back!! (what else is possible in this diplomatic world?)

Life is funny, I tell you!

(Sorry, Prabhu. For stealing your line).

March 9, 2007

Better wear helmet!!

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Wise men say that life starts and ends with the family —

At times, it ends on the road too..

March 7, 2007

The problem with ies and eis

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Well, I had just wanted to write about this new addiction of mine. Seinfeld. Or is it Sienfeld? I do a web search, find out and by the time I get back to my scribble, Voila. I have forgotten what I wanted to write.

So, what am I going to do now!! Lets talk about the problem with ies and eis. Now, people say that women in general are very very good in vocabulary and thats why they talk too much. Is it so? Whats up with spelling then? Why do I always have to think before I write believe or receive? Do you have a problem here? Let me tell you a tip here that one of my friend told me.

With receive = you always say ‘eeeee’ before you receive anything. But you don’t do that for ‘believe’!! Eww, I know that this idea sucks! but it is atleast better than goofing up by writing recieve. What say? Ok! but this doesn’t solve all my problem. What do I do for other words that have this unique vowel pair. Someone has got to write an exception in English that these are interchangeable. If English can stand the oh-so silent words, then it can definitely stand my new interchangeable grammar (Mind you! you read this here first! so, duly give me credit if you are going to copy paste this rule).

Wa! now I remembered Seinfeld’s. What a drama!! Why is there not a single equivalent of it in tamil television? Why do I have to put up with all the alugaachiis!! or does anyone know such and such a soap?

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