October 15, 2015

Dheva Kumara Ketkiradha

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This song is sung by Jolly Abraham. I don’t know the author actually but it seems like the author relived Jesus’s crucifixion and imagined that Jesus was looking at him alone the entire time he was on cross.

Devakumara ketkiradhaa?

en dhyana geetham ketkiradha?

imaigal thirandhu undhan kangal ennai mattum paatkiradha

ummai kaana vizhi kuduthaai

ummai paada mozhi kuduthaai

payanam poga vazhi koduthaai

paadhai engum oli koduthaai

Chorus ::

Ummai nenaithae urugi vitten

ennai umakkae koduthu vitten

umakkae ennan koduthu vitten

kanneer vellam varugiradhu, karthar paadham thodugiradhu

ennai pola aalayathil mezhuguvarthi azhukirathu

Translation in English :

Son of God, Can you hear?

Can you hear my song?

are you opening your eyelids and looking at me alone?

You gave me eyes to look at you

You gave me language to sing about you

You gave me path to travel

All along the way, My Light was also you..

I broke thinking about you,

I gave myself unto you and I

Give myself unto you.

My eyes are welling up with tears and touch your feet,

Like me, the candle I lighted in the church is also crying..


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