January 24, 2007

When the monkey came flying..

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As a child, I didn’t get much opportunity to have the company of a stuffed toy. If I can cite, being with two male siblings as one reason, one another would be my mom who gifted us cars, jeeps and buses as a cost saving measure.. All the three were let free to choose anything and play with it. While the older one had no fancy for toys and left it to the two of us to enjoy, we were content to make bus-station, traffic signal and create life using the toy community.



January 20, 2007

The forbidden nature

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One of my friends told me about a song from the film Uzhavan (Prabhu and Banupriya starrer) and told me that the song is melodious and mindblowing.


I got interested and requested the song and lyrics from him. I was thinking that it might be a duet song. Here it is.



January 17, 2007

Enna aachu indha channelskku?

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Holidays maadhiri oru nalla event irukka mudiyaadhu. Adhuvum holidays saturday-sunday oda sernthu vandha adhula irukura sugamae thani dhaan. Enga veetula pongal avlova celebrate panradhu illa. Aana, namma neighbours ellaam summa vittudu vaangala enna? Sakkara pongal, karumbu, sweetnu super treat thaan veetula.


January 8, 2007

en kadhali nee pesinaal

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Wish you all a very happy new year!! How has the new year started then? leave ellaaam mudinchu work place vandhirupeenganu nenaikiren. Ungalukkaaga oru chinna kavidhai (As usual veliya surutinadhu dhaan. he he!)

uliyil pesinaal sirpam

ullathil pesinaal natpu

kanavan pesinaal kattil

karuvarai pesinaal thottil

medhai pesinaal pon mozhi

en kadhali nee pesinaal …..

ennada, kavidhai rangeaa irukee nu paakureengala? Idhu naan inniku trainla paathen. Yaaro oru payyan penla kirukki irundhaan…

Avanukku reply solraa maadhiri, yaaro pencila idhukku keela kirukki irundhaanga!!

enna theriyuma?

En Kadhali nee pesinaaal …. “Unakku sangu dhaan diii “.

Semma funny ya illa? 😉

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