May 18, 2007

Given a chance ..

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Was blog hopping the other day when I chanced upon this tamil blog. One particular post caught my attention.

Till date, I dinno that men could feel like this. This might be a real happening or just a fictional story. However, I liked the fact that the author could think of publishing something like this. Please do read that post!!*

(Note*: For readers who don’t understand tamil; That particular post details about the day of a father-to-be and his roller-coaster tide of emotions when he sees his wife go into labour. He is together with her in the labour room during the entire duration, giving her moral support. :D)

Reading that, I had this thought. Given a choice, would the men reading this post be with their wife during her labour? Or would they prefer to be away from the pain and stand outside the operation theatre walking to and fro?

Likewise, would a woman prefer her husband to be with her during the course? what do you say?


May 12, 2007

The family-travel analogy

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An old aunt of mine was comparing family life to a journey and was telling how our views and principles change over time. Yet, we give importance to these views and principles over the real stuff that matters!

The comparison was funny but was really thought provoking!! Here it is for you!


May 10, 2007

You can sue me if this doesn’t work!

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The surest way to double your money

May 5, 2007

Kaaka kadi

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Romba naal aachu, oru kadi post pottu. Padikka varavanga yaaravadhu unga PM kittayo, pakkathu cubicle aalukittayo bulbu vaangi semma kadiyaa irundheenga na, appadiye vera blogku poyidunga!

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