May 17, 2006

About a woman

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Am back 🙂 and all set..  

learnt a lot in these few days.. and am trying to reorganize my daily life… in an attempt to make it better.. (well, atleast for the eyes)

a seed got planted in my heart while I was away. And I have started it right away. Its a new blog, and well, it handles a specific issue.. I am not sure how the reception would be or whether you would like it but I had wanted to know about such a site for quite a long time and since I couldn't find one, am starting it.

As an introduction, the blog will speak about women in a biblical angle. Women, their role in the past, what they did and what they need to do. And for the menfolks, it can be an eye opener as in..  knowing .. women, their character, how to grow a daughter and how to treat a wife and likewise.. It would have my comments as well but the comments are just my views about the history and shouldn't be taken as a direct interpretation of the bible.

You can see it here


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  1. good.. that your eyes are back into action.. what did you learn??.. no news on that!!..

    Comment by sujit — May 17, 2006 @ 6:19 am | Reply

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