March 14, 2017

Inspire – In the midst of suffering

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These days, there is a pseudo christian belief that teaches people that if a person is good, commits no sin, then he prospers in life with all material and non material riches in the world. If he is lacking something, then it means that he has committed some sin and that’s why he is lacking. Pseudo religious teachers are able to inject this doctrine in unsuspecting uneducated/or stupid believers, make them feel always guilty about something and mint money.

Now, coming to the very fact of saying, would a righteous person not suffer? If this is true, then the most righteous people on earth are/were Bill Gates, Donald Trump, Steve Jobs and in our own South India, it is Jayalalitha and Karunanidhi.

Coming to the fact of people who suffered but still inspired.

  1. Fanny Crosby – Blind most of her life, has written more than 8000 christian songs.
  2. William Orcutt Cushing – Contributed all his life savings to a blind girl so that she received education, wrote 300+ christian hymns that are sung in churches even today and yet suffered paralysis.
  3. Horatio Spafford – Lost his 4 daughters on a voyage and wrote the song “It is well with my soul”.
  4. John Newton – Was abused, in depression, tried murdering and in slave trade .. contributed the song “Amazing Grace”.

In my examples above, I have given only people from one genre. People who suffered equally like you and me and yet gave something back to the society they came from and inspired/encouraged people.

But this doesn’t mean that only righteous people suffer. If you are someone who is chewing tobacco all life and getting cancer, then you cannot blame that you are suffering for something good that you did. To cut it short, keep your life simple. Treat your body well and don’t abuse it. Treat your relation ships well and don’t abuse or exploit people.

In spite of all the good that you do, if you still suffer, ponder in silence and do not give up. Check if there is some way to rectify the problem you are in. This didn’t happen to you because you sinned. No one in this world can claim that they are 100% perfect. So, if you still think that you might have sinned or did some harm to someone unknowingly, feel sorry and let it go. Probably this situation will make you tough so that you will contribute something back to the world.

Every one asks, Why Me? Seriously, Only you know why you? Because you endured and you will show the way out for people who go through similar situations. Be Brave šŸ™‚



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