March 31, 2017

Letters to my son!

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This letter is modeled after Proverbs 31 and I am not sure son, whether you will get a chance to read it or whether some other son or daughter in the world would read it in future. Here am I, your mother trying to decipher life, love and the real world and while I don’t really know what is in stake for me for future, my only hope and love is in God who I believe loves me for who I am. There will be similar situations that you may also go through.. These letters I hope would possibly help you.

Getting back to Proverbs 31, you would wonder why I chose it? Isn’t it for the perfect woman, wife and mother? You would see, that this chapter is a series of advice given by a mother to her son dreaming about how perfect her daughter in law she expects to be. The wife of a noble character. My son, before you go and find such a woman, I expect you to be noble too.

Proverbs 31: 1, 2 = I can surely agree with the mother as you also are answers to my prayers. A very desperate prayer.

3 – The mother is right here.. Do not spend your strength on other women. You will certainly meet your companion for life. One who is your flesh and rib. Please wait for her and choose her not for money or looks or body but for love. And remain a companion to her life long. This decision son, that you make is one of the crucial decisions of your life. So, please do be careful here.

4- This verse says about wine and yes, Son. Stay away from wine, or smoke or any other addiction that men of this world might have. Never ever touch it. Its really not worth it.

5,6, 7, 8 and 9- The one who go after such addiction and worldly pleasures are those who oppress the vulnerable. Son, I am trying hard to make your life comfortable and not go through the same hardship that I went. This is to not give you a worldly life but so that you will ensure that you will not go and oppress someone or become a money launderer. If you see someone suffering, speak up for them. Don’t watch silently. Help the poor, uplift the ones who suffer. Be against them who squander the vulnerable.

10-11: Your wife that I am praying for. is far more worth than rubies. She will be the angel and companion of your life. My son, I wish you will also be the same to her. Love her next to God. Son, even my life should be placed next to her. There will be times when she is vulnerable. Never ever take advantage of her. Trust her and earn her trust. When a couple love each other mutually and want to stay together no matter what, they will for sure triumph all challenges. But when you look at your companion as what income she brings in or what kind of a body she has, my son, you would not get the ruby that I am praying for.

12: Do her good all the days of your life. So that, you will also get the same.

13: Provide for her and cherish her as you would cherish your own body. As your body needs food, warmth, clothes and love, so would she. Provide for the children you both would have.

— This letter, I will continue.






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