March 10, 2017

Who is my neighbor? My Good Samaritan Story

Filed under: Life as I know it — Celia Rexselin @ 6:35 am

I used to be a bit curious when ever I saw pious Hindu men wearing saffron clothes and no slippers, wearing that chain and my friends used to tell me that they do all sort of penance and don’t eat non-vegetarian food or speak to women. Women are considered impure or tempting I guess. So, I was a little prejudiced when I saw those men and even when my friends’ fathers were on that routine, I used to hastily mind my own business or not talk to them. Also, there was this religious and fanatic group within my own religion that discouraged us and made us look at these people as insane guys who worship idols. So, though I had differing opinion, I at least had the sense to keep all this nonsense to myself. All this changed sometime back.

I was on an official travel to do a presentation. The day before was really hectic and I managed to do all my official and domestic chores and had travelled the entire night. I didn’t sleep much. The next day also was packed and I didn’t treat my body well. Meaning, that I didn’t feed it with food, water and rest when it was really needed. I was just running against time and then also, work was there. By night time I managed to wrap up and had to take a train back to my city. I hadn’t had any dinner and a migraine had formed in the base of my skull. Somehow I managed to reach the railway station and sat in the compartment. It was late.. almost 11 PM and my father in law came to station with idly. I really didn’t have the strength to eat anything but still since I saw him coming all the way from his home to station, I didn’t want to hurt him. I accepted it and he went home peacefully. Then, I tried having it and threw up badly. Migraine is worst if it comes during the night, and when it comes during travel. The aura, vomiting and head ache all added to my misery.

Thats’ when the gentleman sitting next to me took notice of me. He was a man in his sixties, wore saffron clothes, wasn’t wearing sandals also. He asked me whether I needed help and offered me water (it was Aquafina that he had got for himself). Even after I had it, he asked me to wash my face with it and said its ok, he will buy one more for him. Here, itself I was bowled over by the behavior of this stranger. Should I trust or not trust? Then, he spoke to the fellow travelers, switched off the lights and ensured that I go to sleep immediately. I had the feeling of my own father taking control of the situation. Since, I always travel with my medicine kit these days I took it and went to sleep.

The next day morning after my station came, he got up too and came along with me till the cab point. He waited till I got into the cab, asked me to take care and then left.

— I am revising my opinion of people and think that God can use any person of any religion, caste or creed if he wants to help someone. I saw God helping me through this wonderful person who is actually supposed to be chaste, not talking to ladies kind and mind their own business. What really made him help out a Christian lady who was vomiting? I think these days, people would rather close their noses and get out of the situation. He rather choose to be in the same situation and be a good Samaritan!!

In spite of all this, I didn’t know this wonderful person’s name other than the saffron symbol. May God Bless you Sir and do 100 times the good of what you did to me.


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