March 24, 2014

Sunday’s sermon

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Fix your Eyes on Jesus (Hebrew 12:2)When you see Jesus in your midst, mountains will be removed. When you fix your eyes on Jesus, nothing is impossible. 
1) We look at Christ by Faith. Peter declared by Faith that Jesus is the son of God.
2) We look at Christ by confession. Martha confessed that Jesus is the son of God. They saw a miracle. Their brother Lazarus was risen.  If we believe Jesus and confess, we will be saved (Rom 10:9,10).
Always look at Jesus. Peter looked at Jesus and walked in water. Stepping out of boat and stepping into water was an amazing act of faith by Peter. The moment he shifted his eyes away from Jesus, he started to sink. Lot’s wife looked at the world and she became pillar of salt. 
Look at Jesus at the cross and to the throne. Start your prayer by looking at the cross, his love for us. Move on to the throne and praise him. 
Declare that I am able to do all things through him who strengthens me (Phil 4:13)
Those who believe in Jesus can do greater things  (John 14:12)

November 29, 2013

Computer Screen UpSide Down

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What do you do when you are busy working and suddenly find your laptop/desktop screen in upside down mode?

It means that you accidently pressed the key combinations, CTRL+ALT+DOWN arrow keys. Try the CTRL+ALT+UP now. It should work.

Happened to me today!! Hope it saves some one’s time.

November 26, 2013

View Remote Desktop in Full Screen Mode

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If you need to view RDP in full screen mode, press CTRL+ALT+BREAK.

Scratched my head on this and found the shortcut. Thought of passing it on.

June 26, 2013

On top but still on ground

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Every now and then I attend a few sessions taken by leadership in my company.

While all sessions are informative, the open session time is a little bit tricky. The attendees know the right questions to ask but don’t ask them may be because they know that the answer will be evasive, diplomatic and some times in a manner that will shut them up.

But this week, I attended one such open session where multiple people gave their updates and at last this gentle man spoke.

I should say that I was immediately impressed by his manner, the way he was able to relate and express things while not messing up the truth. He answered every question patiently, even took notes of those questions and said that he will connect later with those people and help them out. Not sure whether people will get help but the mere gesture was so kind.

Hope you are the way I think you are

May 26, 2013

Finding Nemo – Fish Characters

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OK. So, Here am I and my son, watching Finding Nemo for the umpteenth time and we keep discovering one new thing every time we see this movie. Today, he caught me in surprise when he asked me for the name of the fish characters in this movie and their types..

Actually, he thinks that there are two kinds of fish. One that he can eat (prawns, sea bream and seer) and the rest.

So, I started naming each and every fish that I saw.. Let me see, how good I am in fish encyclopedia.

1) Marlin and Nemo – Clown Fish.
2) Dory – Regal Tang
3) Party wallah fish that say ‘Fish are friends not food’ (Bruce, Anchor and Chum) – Sharks.
4) Jelly Fish
5) Crush and offspring – Sea Turtle
6) Peach – Star Fish.
7) Gill – Moorish Idol
8) Bloat – Puffer Fish..
9) A whale .. dont think the movie had a name for this character.
10) Few Pelicans.
11) Sword Fish.
12) Few crabs
13) Sea Horse
14) Octopus

ok.. now, here is the catch. What is the name of this school teacher fish which takes Finding Nemo and friends to the drop off? I thought and tried googling also. Since, I couldn’t get to the name immediately, I named him “School Bus Uncle Fish”. Ivan calls it Uncle Fish now..

Also, he thinks that Marlin and Dory are Daddy & Mummy to Nemo :)

April 23, 2013

Nadamaadum poochedi

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Heard this ‘uyire uyire’ song from thotti jeya and it left me singing the note again and again.
I didn’t even realize that I was singing ‘ nijam thaane keladi, ninaivellaam neeyadi, nadamaadum poochedi, neeyennai paaradi’ repeatedly till my little one asked me.

‘Nadamaadum poochedi yaaru amma?’

Blinked for a minute and then said, ‘ nee thaanda kanna’

‘Illa illa. Amma thaan nadamaadum poochedi. Amma thaan poo maadhiri vaasama irukka’

Should say I was clean bowled. My sweet art knows how to make my life heavenly with just a few words..

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