December 25, 2004

Christmas Day……

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It was 3.30 in the morning when I got up.Eddy (my younger brother) had already woken up and had started studying for his computer architecture exam.I prepared coffee for eddy and started getting ready for going to our first ever morning christmas service.Every other year, we used to have our overnight christmas celebrations in the small mahal that we have near our church.This time,however,for all odd reasons we had to break the usual tradition and keep the service in the morning.

Well,where was I then ? ya, and there I was searching for my accessories in my cupboard and mother started murmuring in her sleep.You know,she has always got the “I , THE MOMMY” feeling and every other time she’ll be worried about what I was up to.And this time,it was about the “coffee” dear..

“Bindhu ma !!” I heard her murmuring .. Did you make coffee dear?.I turned back and even before I could reply,she went back to her sleep.(she did that for another two times.. which I didn’t bother to listen) Okay!!! I tried continuing my searching job and some two minutes later , I could feel her nudging me (My cupboard is very close to her bed).”Mole.. I smell something odd .. hey.. it should be the milk … Go and see no”. I was going nuts.. “Mother !!! would you plz get up”??I shouted back which woke her up … She smiled and looked at me as though nothing had happened.

We managed to get ready within 5.00 and went to the bus stand near by.There was only one bus in the stand then and we had no idea of when it will start.I saw an auto there and coaxed him to get us to Guindy for 40 bucks.He came all the way from the stand,ready to go in the narrow velachery road.. and as I was about to get in…Mom had a different idea.The next minute , I saw myself in the bus with mom sitting next to me.I didn’t dare to look back at the “confused auto driver’s face” who was wondering abt the sudden disappearance of two ladies.

It was 5.30 by then and I knew that we would be very late to the church by then.had a bet with my mom that she should give me “100” bucks if we go on time, and I won too..We reached there by 6.30 and by the time , the people had finished singing some carols.We sang “Joy to the world” then and listened to Pastor’s message.This time,he had taken up “Service & Giving” as the subject in general.It was a subject which most people in the world talk about and very few people do.I thought I should also be doing something in the days to come.I had a gala time with my church friends after service and returned home after 9.After giving sweets& cakes to neighbours and friends, I started making and receiving calls .. which I love the most (especially ‘coz my mother hates it).

Then we had a good feast with “chicken curry” in the noon.After that, I lazed around for a while and started waiting for my aunts to come.Suddenly ,I got this idea of blogging it here and thats how this article happened.Okay buddies..”Merry Christmas & happy new year to you all!!!!”



  1. Hey good start man. The post is good. So lets hear what happened on the NewYear next… hehe

    Comment by Anonymous — December 28, 2004 @ 3:33 pm | Reply

  2. welcome to the world of bloggers. Hopw u njoy this ride. ya Merry Chritsmas and Happy New Year

    Comment by Munna — December 28, 2004 @ 5:08 pm | Reply

  3. hey celia,

    yea, good start. I see that the running late from office to catch the train with just a few minutes left has helped u in good stead, in the sense that u could do the same with ur mom now, and in turn get richer by 100 bucks!hope she gae u the money…

    anyway, keep blogging!

    Comment by Swarna Rethas — December 28, 2004 @ 5:20 pm | Reply

  4. Welcome to the world of blogging.

    P.S. Hit space on you keyboard after each comma and period.

    Comment by Shalin Jain — December 28, 2004 @ 11:15 pm | Reply

  5. The article was really very nice.
    Hope to get many more interesting articles from you like this in the future……..

    Comment by Anonymous — December 30, 2004 @ 7:00 pm | Reply

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