March 9, 2017

The feeling of supremacy!!

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I thought that this post would be about racism initially. But then, even racism is a feeling of being superior or showing one’s dominance to others that they are far better than anyone in the world. This ridiculous, absurd behavior usually arises when one sees someone doing a good job and they couldn’t handle the jealousy in them. They want some way to put down this other person doing a good job at something and hence the racist comments. It could be anything like below.

  1. Oh, so dark you are!! I feel like vomiting on you.
  2. I see that your other relatives are looking good. Probably something wrong in your genes.
  3. Is she a virgin? I think that girl might be a slut. Not marriage material. Or on other hand, Better check her out  yourself.
  4. You are so thin. I think something is wrong within you.
  5. If the person is good at house keeping ::: Do you know that she/he has a compulsive obsessive disorder in keeping the house clean?
  6. Or if the house is not very clean :: Yuck, she is good for nothing. I don’t even know how one can live in a messy house.
  7. Did you see this other lady wearing a bindi and makeup? Such sinners they are.. O, I am so a pious one and don’t want to mingle with them.
  8. She is so fat.. I think she is a glutton.
  9. She is so so short. You know, one shouldn’t trust short people.
  10. He invited me for a party. I think they all booze and drunkards. Why would I go?

The above sentences are not fiction or that I have imagined.. Normal day to day words that one hears from fellow superior human beings who came straight from heaven and look like angelina jolie (minus that fact that even angelina had problems). If these people start having any problems, it is because of others evil eye. And if others have problems, its because they sinned.

Anyone reading this article, please keep this in mind.

  1. Just because someone says you are dark, please note that God gave you this color to protect you from skin cancer. The other person doesn’t have it and hence is prone to cancer. Anyway, after they die, they’ll not even have this skin they are boasting about.If you really like to have a clear and glowing skin, you can take some home remedies, but don’t strive for a white, pale, fair skin. Its not worth it. People who are condescending will be like that even after you become fair and will find another reason to put you down.
  2. Whether you are fat or thin or short or tall or in any shape, remember that you are a wonderfully unique person on earth. No other person has the same hand prints like you do and you have been put on earth for a very special reason. Without you, this world is a void.
  3. If you are jealous about a person, take some time to think of why they achieved that specific trait or what it is costing them to be at a place which others would dream of. Grass is always greener on the other side. We all know that Neil Armstrong landed on the moon. But how many of us know that he lost a child to brain cancer? Maryln Monroe died in mysterious circumstances and many good looking actresses have committed suicide because they didn’t get love.  Albert Einstein was autistic. Humans are nothing but a speck of dust living on a bubble. Don’t really wish to be on their shoes. It wasn’t easy for them either.
  4. If you want to put down your son or wife or daughter in law or a fellow colleague, think twice why you want to do that.Is it because you like being powerful and oh so dominant and get the adrenalin rush when you hit someone? Do you like when people cringe and feel humbled before you? Don’t ever play Satan to someone as what goes around comes around too.



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