March 8, 2017


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My first encounter with this word when I was a small child myself. I was in primary or middle school I think when another tall girl joined as a fellow student. She used to smile at us and that was it. Otherwise, I don’t remember much other than the fact she seemed slow and very different from us. I didn’t realize that she was a special child and like all other kids used to laugh. I feel ashamed at myself thinking about this now and at that time I didn’t know shit.

In my teens, I got to know about it again through a fellow believer’s son. This time also, though I had the maturity to be considerate, I didn’t realize the depth of this issue. His parents were so disciplined that this dear brother was almost independent of his daily activities and only had to be given food and comfort at the right time. He did have his low moments and aggression was noted but it was managed. Then also, I didn’t know the word autism. People thought and equated it to mental retardation or some possession of evil force. The ignorance that we could carry!!!

After almost 2 decades, I saw some semblance of it in a close relative’s baby. He wasn’t responding to my calls, wasn’t smiling and wasn’t doing what babies would do. I initially thought that he was so independent a baby or probably he was depressed. After lots of research, I landed on this word. And for me to figure it out and convince relatives that there is a problem, it was really quite a task and believe me, people thought that I was bad too. So, I thought that I will save someone going through similar trouble and put whatever I have found.

  1. Do you and your kid share ‘you both’ moments?
  2. When you share something with your kid, does he seem to understand it and respond with non-verbal or verbal communication?
  3. Does he respond to names?
  4. Does he make eye contact?
  5. Does he do any repetitive activity to soothe himself?
  6. Does he prefer to play with kids and engage in blabbering or pretend-play?

There are a lot of other questions I would like to ask but these are enough if your child is 18 months.. Press the panic button here and get advise from a health care provider. The sooner you get help for the baby, the better it is for him/her.

Last but not the least, if there is really an issue with this specially gifted baby, please remember that you are not at fault. Your spouse is not to be blamed. And if anyone is trying to blame you or your methods ask them to get lost !! Your baby is special!!


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