February 20, 2017

Time to be a bit more rude, Times of India?

Filed under: Life as I know it — Celia Rexselin @ 10:13 am

This is an article that came in today’s times of india paper.

It starts of saying that a minor was sexually assaulted and murdered. You would ask what is wrong in this title? If you say minor, the general tendency of people is to think that it is probably a girl less than 18 years old. But do you know that the baby¬†killed was a three year old? Do mere condolences from politicians be enough for these killings? How many more arrests are required before such incidents are prevented? Why aren’t you a bit more harsh and rude here, Times of India?

Would arrest and jail alone stop these gory acts? Or should we frame stricter laws to prevent such incidents from happening?

  1. Can the government block all porn sites?
  2. Can a stricter censorship be enforced for all movies, hoardings and tv channels?
  3. Can the imprisonment be increased to death penalty or life-term?
  4. Can the education system be improvised to consider more moral values and less victim shaming? Those male chauvinistic pigs who say that women are to be blamed, please tell me what did the 3 year old baby commit
  5. Last but not the least, can the parents of all babies panic and keep the child within their guard all the time? This is no safe place on earth. Even if we keep our guard, sometimes the baby’s own father or relative commits an assault.

How I wish girls are never born!! The so called superior gene will then realize!!






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  1. We live in sad era of hopelessness.

    Comment by kha — March 1, 2017 @ 11:20 am | Reply

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