August 1, 2016

Play and Learn – Jayanagar

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This is a review that has been pending for months and I decided that I give justice to services rendered by Play and Learn, Jayanagar today.

Play and Learn center caters to babies, toddlers and small school going children between 6 months and 12 years. They have a day care and pre-school run by Charu, a very efficient administrator. I have enjoyed their day care services and this is a review post 3 years of experience.


  1. Availability – They release their holiday calendar well in advance so that one can plan their leaves and kids’ schedules accordingly. They open sharp at 8:30 AM and available till 7:00 PM.  Most centers close at 6.00 PM and have many leaves too. In this area, Play and Learn scores 5/5.
  2. Dependability – Over the years, I have come to lean on the expertise of the Day Care administrator , Uma Mam and Owner, Charu Mam. Given a situation, they give us the best help that is possible in that circumstance. This of course, I think is because of their personal nature and not because a Day Care has to do it. There were days when I celebrated my son’s birthday in their premises along with his friends. On sick days, they give first aid and ensure that we get notified immediately.
  3. Logistics – This is a trouble for any professionally run service. Managing maids, teachers, security officer, food services is not a joke. Attrition, Managing emergency leaves, being available in-spite of rain etc all are difficult. In this aspect also, Play and Learn scores 5/5.
  4. Activities – Kids learn stories, dance, painting, science work and many more during the time they are in there.
  5. Food – This is also a good thing about Play and Learn. Food is served and they have a scheduled meal plan. Usually centers don’t offer. Those that offer, don’t accept food from outside. Here, Play and Learn is better.

Can Do Better:

  1. Cost – These services usually come at a cost. A medium range day care usually cost from 3500 – 4500 for 2 hours. But Play and Learn services charge 6000 for 2 hours. This is certainly one area where they can put a competitive pricing and attract more parents.
  2. New Services – They can provide more after-school care services like tuitions, karate classes, abacus etc. Here, they can charge accordingly. Potential is not being fully utilized though demand is there.

Over all if you see, only the cost factor is a deterrent and rest wise, it is a dependable day care run by efficient hands.







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